Top 10 13377x Alternatives: Torrent Sites List

Top 10 13377x Alternatives: Torrent Sites List

Searching for 13377x Alternatives? Look at these best 10 torrent sites where you can find a great many movies, TV shows, games, and more. Explore diverse options for downloading content easily and securely. Dive into the world of torrents with these reliable alternatives!

1.Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is broadly viewed as the best torrent site accessible online. Over the years, it has overcome obstacles and shutdown attempts. To keep away from finishing, the website as often as possible changes its domain. Occasionally goes offline temporarily.

Fortunately, with the assistance of a Pirate Bay proxy, you can in any case get to the webpage regardless of whether it’s confined by internet service providers (ISPs). Numerous ISPs have forced limitations on The Pirate Bay because of its standing. Utilizing a solid virtual private network (VPN) will empower you to successfully avoid these limitations.


  • Pirate Bay offers a collection of torrents boasting over one million options to choose from. 
  • It covers a range of categories, including movies, games, and software. 
  • Navigating through its client format makes it simple to find what you’re seeking..


Pricing: Free


RARBG has come by a standing, for giving torrents of quality. It has confronted restrictions in nations, including the United Kingdom, because of its rising popularity. However, if you utilize a VPN, you can still access RARBG by connecting through a server located in a region.


  • RARBG offers a selection of both classic and modern torrents for quick downloads. 
  • There is a collection of torrents conveniently categorized into various sections, like popular movie and TV show lists. 
  • The website takes in an easy to understand interface that makes navigation easy.


Pricing: Free

3. Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents is a decent option for a 1377x proxy, You can go for LimeTorrents when the 13377x torrenting site is down. 


  • This site is very useful because you’ll only see torrents that have been accepted by a group of people. 
  • A huge number of seeders of new releases, guaranteeing fast paces, is a big advantageousness.
  • Straightforward and easy-to-navigate user interface 


Pricing: Free

4. ETTV Torrents 

In the event that you’re searching for torrents, for your TV shows, ETTV torrents would be a choice. The website is well-designed. It makes it easy to find both newer TV shows. Although movies aren’t the focus of the site you should still be able to find a few if you need them.


  • The user interface is very simple.
  • decent, free collection of independent media
  • Download rates could increase
  • Free independent content might be varied.
  • ad-free environment


Pricing: Free

5. Nyaa

Nyaa serves as an alternative to 13377x, ensuring an ad-free viewing experience. It stands out as a user-friendly platform for downloading anime content. Every torrent file accessible on the site go with details , for example, seed count, transfer date, file size, client comments, and accessibility in languages.

To find a torrent file simply enter your search term in the designated field. The homepage conveniently categorizes the torrent files for navigation. In addition to anime content, Nyaa also provides fast download options, for games, applications, and software. You have the choice to either create an account or explore the website as a guest user.

6. Torrends. to

Torrends. to is an alternative, to 13377x as it functions as a peer-to-peer file-sharing Meta search engine. It boasts a collection of more than 10 million torrent files across categories making it a go-to destination for torrent downloads. You can effortlessly explore the database to find any torrent file you desire thanks to its user interface. However, one downside is the abundance of pop-up advertisements on the site, which can occasionally hinder the process of locating and downloading torrent files.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that receives traffic from Alexa further highlighting its popularity among users. The site ensures that each torrent file provides all the information you need to evaluate its trustworthiness. regardless of the inconvenience caused by promotions, this stage stays an asset for getting to torrents.


In the event that you appreciate watching movies with practically no expense, YTS would be a possibility for you. YTS is a video torrent website that stands out due to its user interface. On this site, you can easily. Download movie torrents from YTS or YIFY in video goals, for example, 720p, 1080p, and, even, 4k quality.

Additionally, the website offers a selection of movie files. You’ll find a collection of films, TV shows, web series, and different media content. In any case, since the YTS site is limited in regions it’s important to utilize a VPN administration to unblock access to it.

8. Torrent Galaxy

If you’re, in search of top-notch alternatives to the 13377x Torrent Galaxy comes highly recommended. It’s a metasearch tool that scours websites and search engines for torrent files. Of hosting the files itself Torren Galaxy acts as a hub making it challenging to verify the legitimacy of the torrents you want to download.

At the point when you enter an inquiry question on Torrent Galaxy it gives a list of results. Whether you’re searching for songs, movies, or game torrent files, finding what you want is easy on TorrentGalaxy. However, it’s worth focusing on that the website point of interaction could involve some improvement as it needs to be claimed. Additionally, there are pop-up advertisements present on the site.

9. ExtraTorrents

ExtraTorrents, another option, to 13377x was established back in 2006. With its collection of content ranging from anime, software, movies, TV episodes, games, and books to music it has managed to attract over two million users every month.

Furthermore, it provides the option to download images and music files. The website also showcases the ten torrents from each category. Prior to starting the download process clients can see file details. In addition, it offers information on file wellbeing to assist with deciding the unwavering quality of the torrent file.

10. Torlock

TORLOCK is a torrent website to avoid falling into the trap of torrent sites. Navigating through this website is a breeze. It offers a range of high-quality downloadable content. One useful feature is their 100 list, which gives clients all the fundamental information about the most famous content that anyone could hope to find on their platform.

What sets TORLOCK is their way to deal with fighting fake torrents. They reward their users with $1 for every torrent they uncover on the site. Moreover, the website boasts a collection of over 5 million checked torrents making it almost certain that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

11. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents stands as an option to 13377x, giving clients a different collection of torrent files across different categories. Users can easily access and download torrents for movies, games, and software from this platform. A notable feature is that the website does not necessitate any pre-registration.

It’s crucial to remember that downloading copyrighted content is restricted in various areas. Exercise responsible usage of torrent sites and ensure that you only download content for which you possess the legal right to access.


Looking for alternatives to 13377x? Here are a few choices: The Pirate Bay, RARBG, ETTV Torrents, Nyaa, LimeTorrents, to, Torrent Galaxy, ExtraTorrents, 1337x, and KickassTorrents. Each site gives a different scope of torrents, but be aware of copyright property regulations and use them responsibly. Always prioritize safety and legality when torrenting.

Q: How to download a movie from 13377x?

A: Visit 13377x website, search for the movie you want, click on the magnet link or download torrent file, then use a torrent client to download the movie.

Q: Where did all the torrent sites go? 13377x

A: Many torrent sites face legal challenges and domain seizures. However, 13377x remains accessible through alternate domains.

Q: Why is 13377x Search Engine best?

A: 13377x is favored for its extensive library, user-friendly interface, and consistent availability of torrents across various categories.


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