Betting on the favorites of the match strategy

Betting on the favorites of the match strategy

Betting on the favorites of the match strategy is mistakenly thought to be safe. One failure can overlap several wins. In this article we will tell you how to choose an event to bet on a favorite and how to place a bet with the best odds.

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What is betting on the favorites of the match strategy?

This is a strategy for betting at low odds – up to 1.55. But it is difficult to be profitable in the long run with such a strategy. One loss covers three or four successful bets.

Observe two basic principles of this strategy:

  • Don’t bet on big odds. The maximum value of quotes for bets not exceeding 1.55.
  • Take the victory of the favorite if the odds for the outsider are at least twice as high. For example, if you bet 1.50 on one team to win, the odds for their opponent will be 3.00 or higher.

Choosing a game to make a bet on the favorite

Betting on the favorites of the match strategy involves the selection of sports events that are least amenable to analysis. If you decide to bet on the favorites, look for the most predictable events where the probability of the underdog winning is minimal.

Therefore, you should not bet on the favorite to win in the following situations:

  • A strong team lacks tournament motivation.
  • The match takes place in bad weather conditions, which eliminates the difference in class and technique.
  • The favorite approaches the meeting with a series of several matches without wins.

According to statistics, the favorites most often win in handball, basketball and American football. In soccer, the percentage of their wins is just a bit over 50%.

How to profitably use the betting on the favorites of the match strategy in soccer?

Determine the break-even point – the percentage of bets that must go to break even at a given average odds.

Bet on the favorite in advance. Bookmakers often give a line for a top match a couple of weeks before the meeting or even earlier. If you are sure that the favorite will put up the main lineup, make a bet.

The fact is that there will be a large number of bets on the team you choose. After all, people want to make money on its victory. Because of this, a load happens – a decrease in the odds on the outcome due to a lot of bets.

Favorite betting is not the best strategy. But with the right choice of matches and betting in advance, you have a chance of profit.



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