Manga Panda | Read Free Manga Online| Latest Updates

Manga Panda | Read Free Manga Online| Latest Updates

Manga Panda is an online manga streaming website, which posts and telecasts hundreds and thousands of Manga episodes on its platform. The website publishes most of its Manga episodes online with their respective titles on its home page. Anybody can easily find and read manga online by simply logging on to this website.

Unfortunately, not all manga episodes and cartoons that you see on the site have been sourced legally. It means Manga Panda doesn’t take legal permission from the original Manga producers for posting the animated series online. That is why many countries have imposed a permanent ban on the site. It means you can’t access Manga Panda online across the Indian subcontinent, Europe, North America, and others. Also, in recent times, the website has been facing tremendous downtime owing to technical failures.

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9 Best Manga Panda Alternative Websites (100% Working )

If you are looking for viable Manga Panda alternatives, you can opt for its mirror sites, which regularly publish Manga cartoons. In this article, we’ll list out some of these sites for your non-stop entertainment.

Manga is a part of Japan’s ancient culture, which contributed more than $5,340,550-billion to Japan’s economy in 2020 alone. Manga sales got over a 40% growth in 2020 and, it continues in 2021.

Manga comics and episodes are interesting and fascinating. You can find hundreds of Manga comics online available in various genres. You can select your favorite genre online and enjoy your favorite shows without any worries.

Manga Reader

manga reader

It is an online destination for Manga aficionados. You can read the latest manga episode updates along with its TV show online on the site. You will get the list of all the latest episodes online along with their respective titles.


Manga Freak

manga freak

Manga Freak is another online Manga streaming website, which posts regular Manga episodes online with written text and subtitles. It has a rich digital library from where you can easily choose your favorite genre and title.


Otaku Smash

Otaku Smash is an effective Manga Panda alternative from where you can not only enjoy your favorite Manga titles but also American popular comics like Marvel and DC—absolutely free. If you want to enjoy both American cartoons and Japanese Manga, Otaku Smash is your perfect destination. It is user-friendly and provides ease of navigation to all users.


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Just as per its name, Manga Town is a dedicated Manga-streaming site for Manga fans. Here, all-important episodes of Manga are available in a category-wise manner like Horror, Adventure, Mystery, Romance, and Vampire.


Manga Fox

Manga Fox is a free online Manga-streaming website. It updates its database almost every day. The website comes with a user-friendly interface and multiple navigation options. You can even connect to the site from your PC or other gadgets and still get the same fun.


Manga Kakalot


Manga Kakot is an ideal online spot for Manga lovers who are especially interested in the Dragon Ball series. For the latest updates on the Dragon Ball series, you can log on to Manga Kakalot and have unlimited fun. It’s a free site and you need not even sign up to the site to use it.




KissManga is one of the most widely used terms online. The website features a lot of Manga collections and episodes with their written updates and subtitles. It has a pro-active community, which can help you make new friends online and discuss Manga-related stuff with them anytime and anywhere. If you don’t see your favorite Manga episodes online, you can request the admin and get the same posted within the next few days. The website also has some short novels on Manga on offer for fans.


Ten Manga


If you are new but want to enjoy Manga from scratch, this website is for you. Ten Manga is popular for presenting all Manga episodes on its platform in a chronological manner. It has an integrated digital library with a huge collection of Manga comics for fans, including classics, semi-classics, and the latest ones too.


Manga Club

Manga Club represents a manga community, who is passionate and crazy fans of manga comics. The website not only allows you to enjoy your favorite Manga comics, but you can even interact with the community for the latest updates or any other queries.


The Last Thought

No doubt, Manga is trending these days. Now, it has moved beyond Japan. With the superfast internet connectivity, you will find Manga lovers everywhere—be it in the UK, the US, or India.

Visiting Manga streaming websites is the best way to stay up to date about all the latest happenings from the world of Manga comics. If you can’t access the Manga Panda website, you are free to choose any of these alternative Manga Panda websites as we listed above.

You can keep a tab on your favorite Manga genres and episodes by visiting these websites. All you need is a device and a high-speed internet connection to enjoy the fun ride into the world of Manga and superheroes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why I can’t access Manga Panda anymore online?

There are a couple of primary reasons why you can’t access Manga Panda anymore. Either the website is fully or partially banned in your country. And another reason might be the site’s overall technical failures.

It has been noted for quite some time that Manga Panda has gone slowed down a lot due to unlimited ad postings and the presence of viruses. It is recommended to switch to Manga Panda alternatives and don’t miss out on any fun.

Is Manga Panda infected with bugs and viruses?

Manga Panda has been reportedly infected with various viruses and bugs. These bugs and viruses not only slow down the system but also pose a great threat to the user’s site. These viruses and bugs may damage the user’s file and device.

Is online streaming of Manga comics illegal? 

Be it Manga Panda or its alternative sites, most of these sites come under torrential piracy websites. They neither have the authority to publish Manga content nor do they take permission from the original Manga creator to do so.

How can I enjoy Manga comics in English?

Manga is part of Japanese culture. This is the reason why Manga comics are mostly available in the Japanese language. However, if you visit any Manga online streaming sites, you may get your favorite Manga comics posted in various languages like English, French, Russian, Italian, and others.


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