PR Movies – Watch Latest Movies and TV Shows Free Online

PR Movies – Watch Latest Movies and TV Shows Free Online

Who doesn’t love binge-watching especially when the world is facing the COVID-19 crisis? We literally have nowhere to go. However, by making the right choice of movies online, we can still entertain ourselves at home without any need of visiting a cinema hall. 

While you have plenty of options when it comes to watching films, PRMovies is the best option for you. In no time, it has become quite popular among people for the kind of movies that it telecasts on its platform. But never consider it as a legal alternative. PR Movies is still a torrential movie streaming website that illegally copies content and releases them on its website. 

What is Prmovies?

In short, PR Movies is another torrential website for entertainment purposes. You can watch any of the movies listed on the site for free viewing. It shows films in various languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, English, and other Indian languages. 

It is not recommended to visit the site and watch any movie. Because visiting the site means you are supporting an illegal cause. So, all film lovers must keep in their mind that visiting such a website is full of risks. Some films are also dubbed in Hindi and other Indian languages to help people watch those films if they don’t understand a particular language. 

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Best Features of Prmovies

  • It telecasts movies in multiple languages 
  • You can even watch European movies here
  • All videos come with a high-quality picture and sound resolution
  • The site offers multiple formats for download and free viewing
  • HD option is also available for registered members. 
  • Users can watch any movie depending upon the options they choose
  • The site offers high-speed access for downloading your favourite movie at a good speed. 
  • All movie details come with their specific thumbnails and sizes.

How Does Prmovies Work?

Prmovies website

PRMovies work in the same way that other piracy websites do. Once you log on to the site, you will have two options: watch now or download the file. Depending upon your preferred choice, you can go with either of the options. There won’t be any problem with the quality you choose. 

It has an intuitive search button just below the “PR Movies” icon. Simply type your film name on the box to get started. A lot of useful film links will appear. You can try some of these links to watch your favorite film online. 

Why Prmovies is so Popular?

  • It’s 100% free and anybody can start searching for their favourite video on PR Movies website.
  • The website is very simple to read and comprehend. Anybody can understand everything about the site on their first visit itself.
  • You can get a full list of superstars—opt to watch any superstar’s film as highlighted on the site.
  • Watch films and enjoy live sports matches of reasonable quality. 
  • PRMovies online illegal movie streaming site is accessible from various geographical locations using different proxy servers and domain names. 

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Is it Safe to Use Prmovies?

There are a couple of things to consider while you log on to any illegal movie or entertainment streaming site. First of all, when it already comes under illegal torrential websites, it means you are not allowed to visit the site. You can fall into deep trouble by visiting PR movies or downloading any films from the site.

Cyber police always scrutinize such activity. If they catch you red-handed, you might be arrested and put behind bars. And the second reason why you shouldn’t visit such a site is OEM’s warning. All windows users are cautioned not to click on suspicious links or visit illegal websites. Simply by visiting such a site, your device may get damaged and destructed. 

Thirdly, visiting such a site means you invest a lot of time. First of all, it’s not so easy to find a workable URL for PR Movies. And secondly, even if you get a workable link, there’s still a question mark over the quality of the video and downloading speed. For example, if it takes 2 hours to get your movie file downloaded only to see ‘incompatible format’ or file not installed properly, then what’s the use of visiting such a site? So, you shouldn’t visit PR movies. 

Is it Legal to Use Prmovies?

As mentioned above, it’s 100% illegal to visit websites like PR movies or any other such torrential websites. You can be arrested for using such a site. Several countries like India, the UK, the US and many countries of Europe imposed a legal ban and restriction on visiting torrential entertainment websites like PR Movies. You can only visit such sites at your own risk. 

How to Download Movies from Prmovies?

 Download Movies from Prmovies

Step 1: First of all, you have to mix n match PRMovies and its domain extension codes.

Step 2: If you get a workable link, go and visit the homepage.

Step 3: Straightway go to the search query box, you will find it below the PR Movies logo

Step 4: Mention the film name or actor’s name or any related keywords.

Step 5: Select a link from the result section and start enjoying your first film on PR Movies. 

Step 6: You will get both options—download the film file or online watch now.

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How to Download Prmovies APK?

Step 1: Go to the Android store or Google Play Store and mention PR Movies APK on its search bar.

Step 2: Soon, you will see PR Movies APK app (latest version)

Step 3: You can now see either the Install or download option, press any one of them and get started

Step 4: It will take around seven minutes for the app to get downloaded and installed on your device.

Step 5: As soon as it gets downloaded, you will see the open or cancel option

Step 6: You can use the open option and get the app directly downloaded to your Android handset.

Step 7: From now onwards, you can use it whenever you wish to by double-clicking its icon on your smartphone screen.

How to Unblock Prmovies?

If you can’t access PR Movies online either on your smartphone or PC or you get a specific warning to not open such a website—It means your site is blocked by the government. You can’t open such a website. However, you can try using advanced methods to get help on it.

Unblock Prmovies—Accessing Via TOR

Step 1: Go to your URL bar or search bar on any browser and type The Onion Router

Step 2: The first link of TOR is the appropriate one

Step 3: Randomly check the system requirement first and press download depending upon the version you select.

Step 4: If your net speed is high, you will get it downloaded within three seconds. 

Step 5: As soon as the TOR app is executed, you can start searching PR Movies’ workable site’s homepage on the app

Step 6: Now, enjoy your favourite actress in romantic scenes or just admire their beauty. 

Top Prmovies Alternatives

Movierulz, TodayPkNetflix, Filmyzilla, 9xMoviesBolly 4U, 123Movies, 

1. Foumovies


In recent times, foumovies has gained a lot of new followers and movie subscribers who visit its channel regularly. The website maintains a reasonable standard of audio and video quality for its fans and followers. Also, it highlights its films under the category section for spot listing. 

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • Get the latest movies for Free downloads on its platforms
  • It offers South Korean dramas as well for free viewing in high quality
  • The website has a clean homepage with a one-touch download facility. 

Website URL: 

Price: Free

2. Vegamovies

If you don’t mind investing a lot of time watching Hindi web series or south Indian movies, this channel won’t let you down. The channel comes with an easy and interactive search query button to navigate through the site without any worries.

Features and Benefits at a Glance 

  • Watch adult web series and X-rated movies without any additional cost
  • You can download files in multiple formats depending upon the MB size available on your memory card.
  • There is a complaint page to register any grievances
  • All movie’s name comes with exciting thumbnails
  • As a guest, you can fully use the site 

Website URL:

Price: Zero

3. A2movies

If watching new movies gives you goosebumps, this channel is perfect for you. A2Movies come with a wide variety of options for its users to choose from. You can easily watch any films that you wish to—using the links presented there. The site gets hundreds of daily visitors from across the globe. Moreover, at many geographical locations, many users can also get access to the site without any problems.

Features and Benefits at a Glance 

  • It is available on multiple devices and gadgets, just by typing A2movies on a smartphone browser or tablet search engines
  • Watch blockbuster Telugu films listed on the site for free viewing anytime
  • You can also search for your favourite star and watch their films 
  • A2Movies offers good quality downloading speed 
  • The site features relatively fewer ads and third-party irritating pop-ups for dubious purposes.

Website URL:

Price: Absolutely Free

4. Tamilplay


As its name indicates, TamilPlay is the den for Tamil movie lovers. If you are a hardcore Tamil movie lover, this channel is for you. You get all direct links for new Tamil films listed on the site and get to watch them with a single click using your mouse. 

Benefits and Features at a Glance

  • 100% Free Tamil film junction for all movie lovers
  • You can watch Tamil songs as long as you want to enjoy them
  • The quality of Tamil films on the site is quite impressive
  • There is a year-wise to make your navigation process easy
  • You can also watch your favourite Tamil TV serials on the site

Website URL:

Price: No cost

5. RdxHD

RdxHD is another effective alternative option for PR Movies. If you are tired of not getting a single website to watch movies in Indian languages, this channel is a must. You can also watch your favourite Punjabi films on this channel. It is available on mobile devices too, just download and enjoy.

Features and benefits at a Glance

  • It’s a pretty simple website with all necessary URL links to movies, serials and web series
  • You can watch your favourite OTT-based show here without any cost
  • Enjoy classic Bollywood super hit movies of the 90s era
  • Watch your favourite Bollywood blockbuster movies released last week
  • A thumbnail and a poster are made available for each of the films posted on the site. 

Website URL:

Price: It’s Free

In Conclusion

It’s clear from the above that there’s no dearth of quality entertainment online streaming sites. However, all the above options are not the ideal way to watch your favourite films. All of them are directly related to piracy and copying of films. 

They are never a legal option to enjoy any film or movie. The only and only way to get 110% entertainment is by switching to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar Disney, or by simply subscribing to satellite cable TV services. Only we can stop piracy and let’s get united to stop online film piracy, in whichever form they exist. We need to come forward and make people aware of the legal entertainment options that are easily available to them worldwide. 


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