Best 10 movies you should watch to learn English

All we should have better understanding about english, as we will be able to then communicate properly, write in english and can do better performance on any place. It is a great method to watch easy English movies to strengthen your skill.

Being able to speak English well can help you to improve your overall skills. A lot of people don’t understand what people from other countries are saying. A person who is good at speaking English can often understand what the people are saying in a language that he doesn’t understand.

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10 best movies to Learn English

Today we will discuss about 10 movies that can teach us English in an easy way, we will have fun watching them and can be good at English conversation. 

Ice Age

It is a series of movies where you will see a group of animals having fun in the ice age and while traveling. It is a great movie to teach us how to talk and have good conversations with others. You will enjoy the fun moments in this movie with such great animation, it will help you to go through your learning journey. 


You will see a group of animals having a sea journey in this movie where they face several issues and through that they settle their goal and reach the end. It is a fun movie where you will see easy conversation style with each other, you can also try that with your family members to practice. 


It is about two princesses where you will see how they use spells and special powers to make their journey to meet each other and face several trouble moments. It is an amazing journey that you can see in excellent animation projection. Every kid and viewers loved this movie for its story and common dialogue style. 


You all know about detective Tintin, who solves a lot of cases with captain Haddock and Professor Calculus, they are legends and everybody was expecting a movie from them. It was heart touching and full of adventure where Tintin solved some amazing cases. You will love to see this movie. 

Toy Story

You will love this movie where you will see the toys of a kid starting an adventure and the movie is full of exciting missions. You never regret watching this movie if you do not enjoy it, you can have a good time by watching this movie. There are a lot of common dialogues that will help you to learn and know better english. 

Boss Baby

Have you ever thought that a baby can be a secret agent and monitor your parents, but in this movie a special child comes from heaven to observe his parents and do some extreme missions. It is all about babies and there you will see some easy tricks that they apply to keep parents focused on them. It is a great movie to enjoy and learn English with subtitles. 


It was a legendary movie where people see that a movie like Shrek can tell a story about a monster, he is full of humanity and saved people. The donkey was amazing and it made us laugh a lot. You will see their adventures in this movie. You can develop your language perfectly from this movie, just be sure that you are enjoying it and learning well. 

The Sea Beast

This is a very recent movie where you will see a baby girl become a friend of the sea beast. It is an unbelievable story where all the hunters have been killing these beasts for years. But this movie will tell you that only kindness can make you new friends. You will learn easy conversation and common spoken English from this movie. 

Monster Inc

Has anyone ever thought that monsters are not real? But in this movie, we see that monsters do some job and  they scare people, but in reality they are not scary at all, so you can enjoy your time with them as humans, it is an amazing movie that you can watch with your family. It will be a great time pass. 


There is no other movie where some cute minions are ruling the world, it is a story about Gru and his minions, they can become friends, they can become dangerous and do everything. They are really cute to handle in this movie, you will love this movie to learn common english and conversations.

Last few words

We know learning english is a bit complex, but we can do it with some common movie watching, we have to watch and understand it clearly. We have discussed that already. If you need any native tutor support then you can try the service of AmazingTalker, it will be great for you.


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