Adopting CRYPTOCURRENCIES at a global level is one of the main objectives of the followers of cryptographic investments. Adopting Bitcoin, they faithfully follow their methodology and want to transmit it to others wherever they go.

As has been the commercialization and use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method in the acquisition of goods and services through digital shopping platforms, a new way of giving tips has emerged.

Yes, just as you read it, the new way of tipping is through BITCOIN. However, in the future, it may be something familiar today; the fact that two young people tipped a waitress in Argentina 20 dollars In Bitcoincaused a stir. 

A virtualized tip

The event occurred in an Argentine restaurant when two restaurant customers decided to promote the use of cryptocurrencies while paying the bill in a very peculiar way giving the waitress a tip in Bitcoin.

The most incredible thing was that the establishment worker did not know how to operate and use the famous cryptocurrency, so she decided to tell them that she did not know how they worked.

The young people decided to record a video while they paid the tip. When they posted it on Twitter, it went viral; many users criticized the publication while others simply took advantage of the information.

A large number of comments arose from the publication Bitcoiners, as they refer to themselves, indicated that many people are unaware of the use of digital currencies and that their intention is to get people involved with this new financial market.

They also indicated that it is not the first time that they have done this type of operation; it is something frequent; in the case of young Argentina, it turned out that after the tip, she talked with the clients so that they would help her learn about the subject. As a result, they granted her a scholarship of 100 $ for you to learn more about the crypto environment and its benefits.

It is incredible how financial education plays a fundamental role in situations like these; cryptocurrencies require knowledge and analysis; they are not simply financial assets; they are a set of elements that allow their users to see results when capitalizing on their investments.

One of the comments that sparked the most controversy was that a suggestion emerged in the published video where the young waitress is recommended to keep the tip for 20 years. However, it could be seen as a joke; it was a long-term investment proposal.

Just as it happened with those whose value was insignificant when Bitcoin began to be mined and that today it can represent almost 40,000 dollars per unit, many became millionaires from that small investment.

Platforms for tipping with Bitcoin

This type of software is created to publicize the use of cryptocurrencies, thus ensuring that more people can join this financial market and achieve financial freedom without intermediaries.

This new way of generating tips with digital currencies is known as micro tips; it is considered by Bitcoin users the most innovative and simple way to achieve the general adoption of cryptocurrencies through social networks, in establishments, or by any other means.

Some of the platforms used are the following:

  • tipprbot
  • Chain Tip
  • Get cash
  • Tips in bitcoin cash
  • TipBitcoin.cash
  • CoinText
  • Lite. im
  • Memo. cash
  • Pair

All these platforms work as a means of payment to third parties. The balances are transferred to people directly without intermediaries, thus avoiding the number of bank commissions that reduce the balance received.

These platforms, such as Tippin from Twitter, make use of the LIGHTNING NETWORK, where the platform operates as if it were a custodian of the funds that have been credited to our account, in this case, Twitter.

All digital operations are a chain of actions that involve several applications and platforms that allow easy and fast processes and offer various options regarding the management of digital currencies.


Every step that cryptocurrencies take is backed by technology; the digital age is here and now, which is why everyday activities will increasingly be seen as digitized.

They may now have a significant impact on society. Still, over the years, crypto operations will become more common, contributing to the adoption of digital currencies as legal tender.

Perhaps more services, companies, and countries will join this trend, leaving aside the insecurities of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Greg Stanley

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