10 cheap crypto to buy before they explode in 2022

Cryptocurrency has always been a hot topic. Ever since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, this investment model has been attracting investment opportunities from across the globe. Much of the hype and investment interests revolve around the decentralized finance model and blockchain technology adopted by cryptocurrencies. While https://bitcoin-prime.cloud/  is the first cryptocurrency to enter the global market, many other currencies also followed suit. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, today there are more than 3K+ alternate coins that are available in the market for investment purposes. 

In today’s scenario investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum seems a bit pricey. With this in place, let us look at a few other alternate coins that are expected to explode in 2022. 

Lucky Block: One amongst the best in the industry promising huge growth potential in the coming year

The Lucky Block cryptocurrency is used in the online gaming industry, especially lottery. It uses blockchain technology and helps to improve the current way of managing lottery games. There is an adequate amount of transparency and fairness with the way the game is being played. The platform was available on pre-sale and was able to generate sales volume close to $5million. Currently, there are more than 24K+ members utilizing these coins. The coin also saw a sudden increase in its prices by 200% within the first few hours of having this coin listed in crypto exchanges. 

Ethereum – another promising and popular coin

If you have been following the crypto industry for a while then you might be well aware of the Ethereum coin. Ethereum entered the market following the legacy of Bitcoin and was able to cover up certain flaws of the latter. In addition to this, Ethereum founders are also launching another version of the same coin thereby deploying the proof of stake philosophy as against the current proof of work formula. The technical developments and the existing decentralized finance model make this coin an attractive investment for 2022. 

Decentraland (MANA)

If you are looking for a cheap cryptocurrency that can enable you to purchase property and real estate then Decentraland is your pick. Investors can go about creating virtual blockchains and continue to make avatars or user profiles. These avatars can then be used to purchase land and other property. 

Shiba Inu

If you are looking for investing a meme coin with a definite return on investment, then Shiba Inu is your pick. This coin has made its way to being the most lucrative and attractive investment in 2022. Since the launch period, Shiba Inu has been able to provide its investors with a more than 1000% increase in profits. Shiba Inu is also listed in various crypto exchanges across the globe making this an easy asset for investment purposes. 


Like Ethereum, Cardano is another popular name in the crypto industry. This cryptocurrency makes use of the proof of stake philosophy making your investment secure and transparent. Another advantage of this investment model is your ability to lend and stake your coin for others.

Uniswap (UNI)

Another popular cryptocurrency that can work on a decentralized finance model is Uniswap. There is an Ethereum based decentralized exchange hosted on this platform’s network. Through this network, it becomes easier for you to buy and sell tokens to other users at ease. 

Polygon (MATIC)

A highly scalable and alternate solution to Ethereum drawbacks, this cryptocurrency eases traffic and network congestion. Polygon makes use of blockchains that can easily allow side-line traffic in the Ethereum network. This also allows for faster transactions at minimal fees in the Ethereum network. 


This unique cryptocurrency makes use of three different blockchain networks instead of one. Each chain is assigned the responsibility to complete a certain type of task. This network has proved to reduce the overall burden in each network chain and also boost the overall speed of a transaction. 


If you are on the lookout for a cryptocurrency that can enable you to undertake multiple cross-border transactions at minimal speed then Ripple is your answer. This cryptocurrency is mostly used by investment institutions and allows for transactions at a minimal speed. 

Axie Infinity

This block-chain based cryptocurrency allows you to create characters of your favorite games. Every investor or user will have their pets named Axies and may be used to monetize through NFTs. 


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