With the appearance of the Internet and new technologies worldwide, a new stage was ushered in at a social level and economically and technologically, where the Bitcoin Affect Dior’s Business have been able to make the most of these new resources.

The constant changes we are subjected to are nothing more than an adaptation to what awaits us in the future, where global digitization will be the starting point.

Every now and then, we observe how various organizations speak out, announcing their new marketing platforms or even the excessive number of products that exist worldwide, satisfying the different needs of human beings from a technological perspective.

Virtual reality and the digitization of processes have given way; it is now routine for us to carry out financial operations from home comfort or even in any space from our mobile device.

If corporations benefit the most from this Internet age, they are the technology corporations.

One of the financial advances anchored to technology today, although it is in a growth stage, is the well-known Blockchain platform, which has captured the eyes of everyone worldwide.

Perhaps at the time, it was made known to the world in the company of CRYPTOCURRENCIES such as Bitcoin, it was not taken so seriously, but it was enough that the pandemic arrived for this panorama to change radically.

This technology aims to separate financial operations from traditional banking entities or institutions, leaving the fact of being able to carry out their own operations in a decentralized manner without the control of third parties in the hands of users.

Who are the Millennials?

The millennial generation is in charge of leading this type of project. The interrelation of institutions, users, and even people will be executed virtually and with the support of intelligent technologies.

These successor generations have been born at a time when the Internet of value has been in the front row, waiting for new advances and technologies to offer, which is why cryptocurrencies are so convenient and straightforward to use.

If we had to define in simple words that this new generation is, we could describe them as all those people who can stay connected to the Internet continuously for several hours and take advantage of everything that this computing platform offers them.

They are born entrepreneurs born to make the social transformation to a completely digital one more bearable, managing to execute tasks more comfortably and pleasantly for people, from work activities to general entertainment.

Cryptocurrencies Are Millennial Friendly

Digital currencies are born just when this new generation is in total growth;. However, for many specialists and economists, these may be the future currencies; in the present, they are getting the most out of them.

BLOCKCHAIN ​​has contributed to operations being executed quickly and where users have had to trust others without knowing each other to carry out a particular financial process.

One of the main characteristics of this platform is the transparency and security of its operations since they are recorded in a single accounting book where they are unalterable.

Although cryptocurrencies have been branded as risky or with little credibility in 2020-2021, they left more than one thinking about their future since they reached unexpected valuations that generated profits for many of their users.

Although the Internet has been monopolized by many large companies, there is no doubt that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain have maintained their decentralized nature, one of the characteristics most consistent with Millennials and their wise way of seeing things.

Digitized finances have captured the greatest attention of this generation since they do not have any complications in providing their data to carry out any exchange operation through the web.

The use of cryptocurrencies is a really innovative concept. Still, its adoption is much more complex for people who do not correspond to this demographic group since the technologies are not very reliable.

Many of the drawbacks reside in terms of adoption by large corporations that, although they have adapted to the technological age, view cryptocurrencies with some suspicion.


Bitcoin, from the moment of its creation, has been aware of its objectives and the economic, financial, and social projects it has, that is why the achievements it has achieved with sweat will not fade; the fact of being considered one of the payment methods worldwide for digital operations says a lot about its power.


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