Why Data Science?

Why Data Science?


Data scientists are in constant demand because there is a data treasure trove in the world.

Data scientists are a new growing race of experts, profoundly in demand now. This demand resulted from the abrupt need to find intellects who could quarrel with data and assist in making discoveries and eventually allow companies to make data-driven judgments. This signaled the rise of digital transformation. From companies trying to tamper with petabytes of data, a data scientist’s job was to encourage them to utilize the opportunity to obtain acumens from this data treasure. Furthermore, numerous different data science courses have also surfaced as of late to meet the rising demand of prospective candidates. The valuable courses will help stimulate growth and generate lucrative prospects in the field of Data Science.

This article will help you know about the benefits and various career options of data science, and this will assist you in choosing the right path in Data Science.

Why Data Science

The various advantages of Data Science are as follows:

  1. It’s in Demand

Data Science is highly in demand. Prospective employment seekers have infinite opportunities. Data science specialists are demanded in nearly all fields, from government safety to social media apps. Thousands of companies and government agencies rely on big data to thrive and adequately serve their clients. Data science careers are highly in demand, and undoubtedly, this craze will not be lagging down any time soon, if eternally.

“Data scientists are highly educated–88 percent to have at least a master’s degree, and 46 percent have PhDs–and while there are striking

exceptions, a very reliable educational background is usually needed to improve the profundity of knowledge needed to be a data scientist,” reports KDnuggets, a leading site on Big Data.

  1. Bounty of job positions

There are very few people who have the needed skill-set to become a perfect Data Scientist. This makes Data Science less drenched as compared with other IT sectors. Therefore, Data Science is a tremendously rich field and has plenty of opportunities. The area of Data Science is highly in demand but low in the stock of Data Scientists.

  1. A profoundly paid career

Data Science is one of the most profoundly paid jobs. The demand for data scientists and their salaries have been increasing. Therefore, data science undoubtedly is one of the 21st century’s most promising careers.

  1. Data Science is Versatile

There are various applications of Data Science. It is widely used in banking, healthcare, consultancy services, and e-commerce sectors. Data Science is a very varied field. Therefore, there is an abundance of opportunities to work in different sectors.

  1. Data Science advances data one step ahead

Companies require creative data scientists to process and examine their data. They improve the quality of data. Therefore, Data Science deals with enriching data and making it better for their company.

  1. Data scientists are profoundly appreciated

Data Scientists allow businesses to make intelligent business decisions. Scientists use their skills to give favorable outcomes to their customers. 

This gives Data Scientists a crucial position in the company.

  1. Data Science in the healthcare sector

The Healthcare industry has remarkably improved because of Data Science. With the arrival of machine learning(ML), it has been made simpler to identify early-stage masses. Also, many other healthcare industries are using Data Science to help their clients.

  1. Data Science offers stabler career

Data Science will not only give you a satisfying future but will also benefit you in personal development. You will always have a problem-solving approach. Since many Data Science roles scaffold IT and Management, you can relish the best of both realms. Pursuing a career in data science is a clever move, not just because it is trendy and highly paid, but because data very well may be the pivot object on which the whole economy shifts.

Data Science makes trendy products. 

Data Science includes the usage of Machine Learning which has allowed industries to devise better products explicitly customized for customer experiences. For example, Suggestion Systems used by e-commerce websites render personalized insights to customers based on past purchases. This has allowed computers to interpret human behavior and make data-driven judgments.

Data science career options

Here are some of the best data science careers you can break into with a diploma in data science.

Data Scientist

Average Salary: $139,679

Data scientists discover, precise, and prepare data for businesses. Data scientists examine enormous amounts of intricated raw and processed data to detect patterns that will profit a business and help make vital business settlements.

Machine Learning Engineer

Average Salary: $114,826

Machine learning engineers build data shafts and deliver software solutions. They need reliable statistics and programming abilities, as well as a knowledge of software engineering. Apart from designing and building machine learning systems, they are also accountable for managing tests and practices to observe the performance and operations of such systems.

Machine Learning Scientist

Average Salary: $114,121

Study new data strategies and algorithms for adaptive systems, including supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning methods.

Applications Architect

Average Salary: $113,757

Trail the performance of applications used within a company and communicate with each other and with clients. Applications architects are focused on creating the architecture of applications as well, including making elements like user interface and infrastructure.

Enterprise Architect

Average Salary: $110,663

An enterprise architect is accountable for regulating an organization’s approach with the technology required to administer its objectives. They must have an impeccable understanding of the business and its technology requirements to design the systems architecture to satisfy those needs.

Data Architect

Average Salary: $108,278

Assure data solutions are created for performance and design analytics applications for various platforms. For creating new database systems, data architects find different ways to refine the performance, operations of existing systems and working to give access to database administrators and analysts.

Infrastructure Architect

Average Salary: $107,309

Manage that all business systems are running optimally and Encourage the advancement of modern technologies and system requirements.

Data Engineer

Average Salary: $102,864

Execute batch processing or real-time processing on accumulated and stored data. Data engineers are also accountable for creating and maintaining data pathways that create a sturdy and interconnected data ecosystem within a business, offering information accessible for data scientists.

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Average Salary: $81,514

BI developers create and develop policies to help business users swiftly obtaining the data they need to make profitable business decisions. Notably data-savvy, they use BI tools or produce custom BI analytic applications to promote the end-users understanding of their systems.


Average Salary: $76,884

Statisticians work to gather, examine, and interpret data to recognize trends and relations that can be used to inform organizational decision-making. Furthermore, the everyday duties of statisticians often include plan data collection processes, reporting findings to stakeholders, and advising administrative policy.

Data Analyst

Average Salary: $62, 453

Modify and manipulate massive data sets to fill the aspired analysis for businesses. For many companies, this job can also include tracking web analytics and examining A/B testing. Data analysts also help in the decision-making process by preparing reports for organizations that adequately describe trends and acumens gathered from their investigation.


If you want to develop your career in data science, there are countless reasons to get into this field, offering challenging yet exciting roles. Perhaps most importantly, you will need to overwhelm future employers by exhibiting your expertise and past work experience. 


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