New To Bitcoin Trading? Here Are Some Experts Tips To Help

New To Bitcoin Trading? Here Are Some Experts Tips To Help

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a revolutionary idea of digital currencies. Bitcoin was developed as the first cryptocurrency. And though we have more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies now, Bitcoin remains the most popular one to date. 

People earlier couldn’t entirely accept the concept of digital currencies. But now, the idea of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins is widely accepted. Instead of the massive volatility of Bitcoins, enthusiasts invest in them to get returns in the future. 

For novice traders, it becomes essential to know about the proper steps of Bitcoin trading. They must know about the tricky ups and downs that Bitcoins can take. So, below is the detailed information about Bitcoin trading.

Overview of Bitcoin Trading-

Bitcoin trading refers to buying and exchanging Bitcoins. You can begin with almost as low as 2 dollars. So, Bitcoin trading is no longer a difficult task now. But, novice traders may face issues in making good returns if they are unaware of the right approach.

Bitcoin trading is almost similar to making some investments hoping to get higher returns in the future. However, since Bitcoin volatility is highly unpredictable, traders must study the market trends to make the right move. 

Steps To Bitcoin Trading- Important Points To Note

●     Analyze Bitcoin Market Price Fluctuation-

Understanding the factors that affect Bitcoin prices will help you make your investment decisions carefully. The first thing that affects the Bitcoins price is their supply. If Bitcoin starts getting popular among the masses, its costs will rise; this is what you need to keep in mind.

Another major thing that causes deviations in the value is the kind of trust that people show in Bitcoins. If the people are uncertain about the security and longevity of Bitcoins, the deal will drop. However, if more and more organizations start encouraging Bitcoins for payment gateways, the prices may rise.

Few other things like security regulation, network maintenance, and macroeconomic procedure also affect the Bitcoins prices. 

●     Plan A Profitable Bitcoin Trading Strategy

When planning to trade in Bitcoins, you must come up with a profitable Bitcoin trading strategy to make the most out of your investment. Below mentioned are some profitable Bitcoin trading strategies that you need to get yourself familiar with. Read on to know further.

Day trading – Day trading is a good way for novice traders to try their hands on Bitcoin trading. It is like a short-term investment wherein traders open and closes their position within a day without facing the overnight volatility of Bitcoins. 

Trend Trading – Traders looking for sure profits may go for such a strategy. Traders using this strategy may open a position as per the current trend in the market. They might also shift positions if the trend changes. 

Bitcoin Hedging – This strategy can be used to make up for the short-term fall in prices. Traders can open a position as per the current trend and compensate for the incurred losses. 

HODL strategy  As the name suggests, the traders here buy and hold Bitcoins. They do so with an expectation of higher returns in the future. This is a long-term investment approach. 

HODL means:

H= Hold 

O= On for 

D= Dear 

L= Life

●     Try to get your hands on Bitcoins.

Some of how novice traders can get Bitcoin exposure are:

1. Instead of owning Bitcoins, you can trade with the Bitcoin derivatives. Using CFDs (Contract for Difference), you can manage the Bitcoin prices. Plus, this gives the traders liquidity to stay long-term or short-term. 

2. Bitcoin exchanges through platforms such as Bitcoin Era website is another good way to get exposed to Bitcoins. You may buy and store Bitcoins in secure digital wallets using these applications.

●     Go For Either Long or Short Term Investment Plan

Trading with Bitcoin derivatives makes it easier to go long and short. 

Being in the position for a lengthy period is equivalent to anticipating the price to rise. 

●     Master The Art of Closing Point When Trading

Looking at the market trends or depending upon the returns, you can decide when to close your position and leave the market with the maximum profit. Thus, if suitable approaches are taken note of, Bitcoin trading could be much easier and profitable. One must constantly analyze the market well before making any exchanges or investments.


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