Residential Proxies Vs Data Center Proxies

Residential Proxies Vs Data Center Proxies

With a proxy in place, it really unlocks an endless amount of possibilities for any of the entrepreneurship goals that you may have, as either a business or an individual. This is because it fully unlocks the Internet, allowing you to view content that was previously either restricted, censored or both. Because of how beneficial a proxy can be, it inevitably brings up the question of which type is best to use, a residential proxy or a data center proxy?

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies go under the radar when it comes to the IP address being flagged; this is because they use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are attached to actual, legitimate residential addresses. With this type of proxy in place, you are able to successfully scrape any website out there without the risk of ever being flagged for doing so.

When you purchase a package of residential proxies, it comes with a large number of different IP addresses attached. By using each of these numerous IP addresses in rotation, your company will avoid detection and not be flagged based on any geographical restrictions that may be in place. 

With the bots on residential proxies appearing as users that are actually human, you are able to scrape as many websites from across the world that you want to. You are much easier able to snoop directly on your competition and also hide from dangerous web hackers

Data Center Proxies

Typically, data center proxies cost much less. This is because they do not have bulk IP addresses and the costs are spread across all of the different users who are on the cloud. This wide distribution of the cost makes it cheaper than those residential bots where they are assigned to specific users. 

Thanks to the wide array of IP addresses that come with data center proxies, you are able to allocate new ones at regularly spaced intervals in order to prevent being detected by website administrators that do not allow for web scrapes on their website. This lets you change your IP address to one in Mexico City when you are actually streaming or browsing in New York City.

With a data center proxy, there is the option for you to write a piece of the script so that it does the web scraping process for your business completely automated, thus freeing up your time or one of your employee’s time to do something else. With you being able to specify exactly what to scrape for, the web scraper is able to gather large amounts of information very quickly.

Being based completely on the cloud, there is no need to surrender the physical location of your company. Your actual location or identity will never be leaked, thus enabling you to scrape the web all whilst shielding your business from any unwanted attention.

If reading the above has opened your eyes in terms of how each one of these proxies can benefit your company then you may want to buy ip proxies here.


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