Bitcoin – Yes or No? Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin – Yes or No? Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

There is growing insanity hailing around these digital cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. There is a blend of opinions on several discussion forums and websites about whether you should invest in bitcoin or not? But I want to take you off the flight from these websites & discussion forums and want you to check on the facts rather than opinions because an opinion differs with individuality. 

Let’s dive straight into the bitcoin facto-check journey and find out what you think about whether you should invest in bitcoin or not.

Investments carry risks! There are no investments without any risk may it be gold, stocks, or any other alternative. It is essential to build a portfolio effectively with risk tolerance. Weigh the risks with possible gain exposure and wisely invest. It is advisable to encourage intelligent investments among readers.

Reasonably I want to say, bitcoin unlike, gold and mutual funds, is speculative. Its price is dependent on supply and demand. The fluctuations even in the currencies depend upon the supply and demand in the market, but bitcoin is with a difference. The bitcoin market is smaller as compared to others. It is relatively subjective to swings, but it can never be hyperinflated. So you need not be worried about the huge loss. Moreover, bitcoin is a digital currency, and thus no one manipulates or controls it.

Bitcoins have a relatively high adoption rate-

Bitcoin possesses a high adoption rate due to its credibility. Big brands like Apple and Amazon are gradually adopting blockchain technology. Satoshi Nakamoto presented his vision with a bitcoin whitepaper mentioning bitcoin emerging as a new form of money. Statistics from several countries reveal that there is a significant increase in the bitcoin trading volumes. However, bitcoin is at its all-time high, and still, it continues to multiply the adoption rate exponentially.

Hopes from big names-

For gaining advice on financial edge just keep going through the trending stats from renowned experts. People like Sonny Singh and John MaCaffe have thrown light on the importance of bitcoins. They believe bitcoins are the future of the globe, and it will still undergo several developments to unleash the potential of bitcoins. You must do an extra effort by searching the bitcoin statistics and gain some knowledge about the on-going trend in the bitcoin market. 

Bitcoin’s bull run-

After gaining exponential popularity in the market, bitcoin is running like a bull. Bitcoin ignited with high liquidity is worth investing in now. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, a wise bitcoin investment can still bring you huge profits. If you have a sight on return on investment from bitcoin, you will be astonished to see the multiplying figures that bitcoin is generating. One of the most asked questions is- should you still invest in bitcoin this year? The reason for which people question is that people think it has gained an all-time high, and they are astonished that any investment could reach such momentum in just a few years and will it continue to grow? I will suggest you take out the graph and calculate the ROI for the past years. You will surely get your answers. Bitcoin is among the best-performing assets in 2020, whereas gold and equities had had a bad phase.

Constant development in the technology-

Bitcoin is not at all static. Developers are continuously working on the development of technology. The developers are trying to boost the scalability and enhance the privacy factor of the bitcoins. The recent development of the lightning network is the major innovation that broke hard forks into the sub hard forks. For better understanding, let us take an example- the hard fork for bitcoin is bitcoin cash, which further divides into sub forks called BCH ABC and BCH SV. These innovations are effectively ensuring that bitcoins have a long way to go.

Bitcoin correlation to market-

Bitcoin is an uncorrelated asset. It means bitcoins have nothing to do with the performance of the stock and bond markets. If you want to reduce the risk turnout in your investment portfolio, you can invest in bitcoins. As the bitcoin price varies according to the demand, it is less likely to take a sudden dip and make you step on losing. Moreover, if the bitcoin price tends to drop, it would be a gradual process, which means you will have the time to understand the scenarios and make an informed decision.

Bitcoin has reduced volatility over time-

Bitcoin emerged with a small base but flourished into a full-fledged cryptocurrency. The journey of bitcoin has been full of volatility since the beginning of the years. But with developments and innovations, bitcoin has established itself as a profitable investment virtual asset. Some studies show that the knowledge and experience of investors can reduce the loss caused by volatility in the price of bitcoin. Hence, due to the reduction in the volatility of the price of bitcoins, investment in bitcoins became way safer than ever before.

Bitcoins have dramatic potential for growth and loss. With the mindful decision, you can either win the game or lose it. But, bitcoins are a surging trend that is capturing the whole world. It is known to be the future currency or money by a few experts. It is expected that the price of bitcoin will increase massively in the coming years. So investing in bitcoin now can earn you huge profits but go through the research and check your risk tolerance before stepping in.

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