Historically, the official site has been going through bitcion an influential period; in 2021, it closed its operations with a very attractive value for many investors, which captivated its purchasing power and increased investments in cryptocurrencies.

One of the most attractive features of Bitcoin is its DECENTRALIZED PAYMENT SYSTEM, where only users are in charge of executing and monitoring the transactions they carry out; this type of payment is known as Peer-to-Peer.

The fact that these digital currencies are not controlled or intervened by third parties makes many countries, institutions, and even investors uncomfortable since they are decentralized and autonomous; only the market and its fluctuations determine their value.

The position that bitcoin has achieved is mainly due to its user’s and followers’ trust after obtaining significant results and profits. That will undoubtedly continue to increase over time.

Many questions its security, but this aspect is relative since the operations are carried out through EXCHANGE PLATFORMSand applications such as wallets. These are the ones that are usually hacked, but technological advances have allowed security levels are more optimal.

The speculative eye on Bitcoin operations

Carrying out transactions with Bitcoin makes it essential for its execution that the parties involved have Bitcoin wallets, which is the name by which the applications where the invested bitcoins will be debited or credited are known.

Unlike transactions made through traditional banking, where the instrument used is bank accounts, when we refer to Bitcoin transfers, they are made through a digital key that identifies the user in the Blockchain.

All operations with Bitcoin are recorded in the public ledger of the Blockchain, which is why any procedure carried out will be stored in these blocks in an unalterable way and for life.

Digital currencies such as bitcoin have a limited amount of coins that can be extracted, making these coins acquire a higher value since there will be a shortage and market regulations will be met.

These processes seek to offer greater security and tranquility to cryptocurrency investors since there are a series of speculations that negatively affect the evolution of these currencies over time.

When crises are approaching, more than one person comes to the digital financial market with the curiosity of evaluating the performance of the currencies that make it up. That is where users emerge who, with novice operations and without any analysis, speculate negatively regarding cryptocurrencies.

These cases usually happen when people do not achieve the desired profitability and therefore prefer to discredit digital financial instruments before assuming that they obtained negative results due to misinformation and bad investments.

Many have considered cryptocurrencies the refuge of savings or capital in times of crisis.

Digital currencies were essentially created to counteract the effects of inflation and the financial and economic crises that countries may go through at any given time since it is not satisfactory to see the value of our money lost.

The year of speculation

Many situations have occurred so far in 2022 and have indirectly impacted the upward trajectory that cryptocurrencies brought during 2021.

As the crypto leader, nobody was prepared for Bitcoin to go through such drastic downward movements after events such as the increase in interest rates in the United States market.

On the other hand, there is a situation of war between two nations that, although they tried to avoid it, happened and affected the market positioning of cryptocurrencies in a certain way.

The possibility that several countries rejected the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment or, failing that, legal tender to diversify the world’s economies was also affected since the rejection does not stop.

Given all this news in almost half the year 2022, Bitcoin is still there, staying at the forefront of cryptocurrencies; good times may be ahead since more and more countries are joining this digital economy proposal.

Although relatively new, a market is managing to position itself, despite its risks and volatility, as a financial alternative.


Just as there are myths around Bitcoin, there are also speculations that most negatively affect the financial and development of cryptocurrencies.

Many people are afraid to invest and see results even when they are ready to enter the crypto market.


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