Tips To Learn Anything Better

Tips To Learn Anything Better

Though a large number of people associate studies and learning with education in school and college, the reality is that learning quickly is an important skill which affects the personal and professional life of almost everyone. Business owners, managers and employees who are able to learn new concepts, techniques, information and recall it whenever required are likely to be more productive and successful. Hence most business owners and others would like to know scientifically proven methods to improve their learning skills. Some tips to learn 10x faster are discussed below.

Writing on paper with a pen

Though most people find it easier to take notes using their laptop, tablet or similar device, research indicates that these people are learning less compared to those who take notes using pens and a paper writing pad or book. The software used in laptops or similar electronic devices has a large number of auto complete tools due to which less effort is required to take digital notes, and less information is retained in the brain. While writing on paper manually, more effort is required to choose the words, what is being written, and this can help in improving the memory recall.

Making detailed notes

Students are taking down detailed notes when they study in school, and these skills also help in learning later in life. There are different techniques used for taking notes which students are taught. High quality notes help in faster learning and can also be used for reference at a later date. While taking the notes the learner should first separate the important information from the irrelevant information. The notes should be divided into sections which are clearly separated from each other, so that it is easier to differentiate. To save time, phrases, codes and abbreviations can be used while taking notes. The notes should be written in your own words.

Improving memory retention

During the process of learning, the learner is first storing the relevant memories in his or her brain, and then retrieving the memories whenever required using a neural pathway. So it is important for the memories to be first properly stored in the brain, so that they can be easily recollected. For this it is better to take a break from the process of learning for some time, usually at least one hour, after a few hours of work. When the learner resumes studies after the break, he will recall what he studied earlier, improving the memory retention. Research also indicates that speaking aloud also helps in information storage and retrieval.

Improving memory retention

Eating proper food and sleeping well

Though most people consider memory as something which is hereditary, in reality it is also related to the health and lifestyle of the individual. Many scientific studies indicate that sleeping well will greatly improve the memory of a person. Deep sleep for a few hours daily helps in retaining the information studied far better. The food which a person eats affects the quality of sleep to a large extent, so it is important to eat healthy and nutritious food. Students who eat and sleep well are usually happier and also perform better academically.


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