What is Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft

Identity theft is by far one of the rapidly increasing crimes due to an apparent reason that our personal information is accessible for the free online like name, address, social security number, driver’s license, credit card number, etc. And cybercriminals get a quick time to steal it!

The one-piece of good news was that businesses and consumers take up the battle against identity fraud and are fighting a few of the fights, but there is also a fair way to go.

More than 16.7 Americans were targets of identity fraud in 2017 and one million of these were teenagers, as per the estimates from the Bureau of Justice. Fraud damages totaled $16.8-million.

Theft of personalities is America’s most significant business fraud, and it scares all, say the identity theft, defense attorney. But the secret here is: Identity theft can be stopped. It would help if you had a little information, some preparation, some consideration, and some caution. We all have lax safety policies that threaten us, most of which seem innocent or make people think,’ It’ll never occur to them’. It’s agreed upon by attorney theft attorney Georgia as well.

E.g., inappropriate disclosure of personal information online and on social networking sites. Even though our accounts are private and our reports are password-protected, that doesn’t prevent someone else who needs your details from getting access and bringing all the parts together to build a detailed profile. Online fraudsters have also become increasingly advanced so that you can be a target even if you believe you can detect a fake website or phishing text.

Identity Theft

According to the identity theft defense attorney, the concept of identity theft is the fraudulent use for the personal information or records of someone else to access goods, facilities, or credit (usually a social security card or credit card). The terrifying truth is that it might occur to anybody. Note that after Cyber Security Expert obtain your private information, they will clear your bank account, debit your credit card, open new payment accounts, and even receive medical treatment in your health care system.

He can register in your name a tax refund — and collect your refund. They can use social networks to claim your identity. During detention, they may even give the police the character, initiating a proper sequence of events that could impact vast areas of life.

The list of stuff that thieves could do with your data is endless; this is a severe issue that deserves continuous consideration. It is up to everyone to inform themselves of id fraud. Know how to find it. Know how to protect against this.


Theft of identity is becoming more and more an issue online. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), which began collecting data in 2005, identifies five major groups of the primary sources of cyber breaches.

  • Businesses
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Banking

Methods of Identity Theft

There are several other innovative and unique strategies for robbery to snatch your identification or private information, such as:

  • Cheating — Beware of keeping your wallet or unopened mail across the house or in your automobile. Grab-and-go can occur in a heartbeat.
  • Dumpster Diving — Many robbers get through garbage cans to search for information, including pre-approved unopened credit cards.
  • Change of Address — Thieves can fill out a request form for change of address. When you give them your address, they will view your details.
  • Cloning Credit Card Information — A restaurant, petrol station, or retail store employee, say, can swipe your credit card through some machine that copies the magnetic strip data. It can be converted to a bogus credit card which can be used to make a purchase.

How can you protect yourself?

The details are precise. It is an issue that is not going away. So, what is identity theft to do? There are basic logic approaches that should be practiced by everyone.

Fraud defence attorney Cobb county believes that Identity thieves also focus on plucking the mailbox of vital information. Remove the fax instantly. If you’re going to be away for a couple of days, please contact the post office and ask for a holiday delay in your mail.

You would undoubtedly receive weighty pre-screened credit and insurance packages. Sometimes it’s best to opt from those offers, according to the fraud defence attorney.

Buying a shredder is a great practice so that you can dispense certificates, loan vouchers, payment coupons, policy reports, prescription accounts, records, bank statements, unused debit cards, and other papers that identity thieves might steal.


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