5 Online Tools Youtubers Should Be Using

5 Online Tools Youtubers Should Be Using

Becoming a YouTuber can be a lucrative career, especially if you consider how much the top personalities earn on the platform. The life of a YouTube does bring in the cash but it is in no way an easy life. If you are an aspiring YouTuber, then you need to learn how to make amazing videos. Tools such as a YouTube intro maker will give you more than what you bargained for.

Ideally, a top YouTuber needs to have a team of video editors behind him. If you are just starting up, you cannot afford the luxury of getting a group of editors to help you out. Hiring people is beyond your capacity now. It’s something that you might want to do later on though. What can you do for your channel now?

You can begin learning how to use complex editing tools like Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe After Effects, for starters. However, do keep in mind that these tools are what the experts use. Moreover, it takes years to master these editing tools too. Luckily, there are many online tools that you can use to help create stunning videos to wow your audience. Here are 5 of them.


As they say, first impressions last. If you want to ensure that your viewer stays throughout the entire video upon clicking your link, you need to have a good intro. Good intros are the reason why people stay. Unlike the rest of the content, they are looking for style over substance when it comes to the intro so it’s best to make it as flashy as possible.

A YouTube intro maker like Promo can help you create stunning intros. You might be asking yourself, “how can a YouTube intro maker help me out?” For starters, such editing tools give you access to a selection of ways to add special effects and graphics to your intro. Even if you don’t know things like Adobe After Effects, you’ll be able to create a stunning intro.

These free YouTube intro makers allow you to create intros just like the pros. What’s even better is that these are intuitive tools to use. You don’t need a year’s worth of experience to have stunning output. Most of these tools are simply click and drag so it will be very easy to create something that wows the audience again and again.

There are many YouTube intro makers to choose from online so which should you choose? Ideally, you need to pick the one that doesn’t leave those nasty watermarks in your intro. You also want to ensure that if the intro maker isn’t free, it should at least give you the right pricing which isn’t too heavy for your budget.

Promo gives you a wide selection of tools to choose from so be sure to check it out if you want to create stunning intros.

YouTube Studio

When it comes to managing your page, one of the best ways to do so is with an app from YouTube itself called YouTube Studio. This simple app is available for smartphones and it makes the management of your channels much easier. Why wouldn’t it? It’s created by the makers of YouTube itself so it should be amazing.

The app allows you to manage comments, respond, and even filter them out. Even if you are away from your computer, YouTube Studio will make channel management much easier. What’s even better is that all of the app’s features are free so you don’t need to pay extra anymore.


Running a YouTube channel isn’t always about uploading and editing videos. It’s also about managing your page and interacting with your audience. This process is more complex which is why you need to have TubeBuddy by your side. Basically, TubeBuddy gives you an easy means to manage your channel.

Instead of having to open a page or downloading an app, you simply need to install TubeBuddy as a browser extension before you can use it. From your browser, you can do a lot of things related to managing your channel which is why a lot of YouTubers use it. It’s a great tool to have if you are a YouTuber that also does live streaming on platforms like Twitch and Facebook.

Whether you’re a newcomer or are an expert YouTuber, TubeBuddy is there to make managing your channel easier. You’ll be surprised at how amazing this tool is with regard to channel management. On top of all this, TubeBuddy is also easy to grasp. It will only take a day for you to completely master using it.


Once your channel becomes bigger, you’ll need to have an easy means to understand the numbers behind your videos. Keep in mind that at its core, YouTube is a numbers game. You need to know which videos get the most views, comments, and likes. Understanding these data is the key to helping your channel get bigger. In this life, it will be best to use video.

vidIQ is an online analytics tool that helps you check out important metrics behind your channel and videos. On top of all this, the platform also helps you manage SEO easily. 


You can easily grow your channel by promoting it to other pages or platforms. However, the problem is that YouTube links are usually long. Posting such a long link isn’t exactly appealing to the eyes of many. In fact, people might not even click on the link anymore if they have such a long line of text.

Many people are using Bitly to shorten links. It’s a fast and safe way to create short links that people can follow simply by clicking. It’s a free online platform that helps you promote your channel and videos much easier so it’s best to use this tool as much as you can.

Tools such as an online video maker will definitely change the way you operate your channel. Having these tools by your side is definitely the key to the growth that you need.

Wrapping Up

In fact, there are more than just these 5 tools being used by professional YouTubers. Feel free to explore and don’t be afraid to experiment – you’ll be surprised with the results. Have fun and keep creating content!


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