Why you Should Consider Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Why you Should Consider Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing has gained popularity in recent years and seized the vision of marketers who are interested in developing a robust brand positioning. So far, digital marketing has proven to be a more effective marketing model compared to the traditional offline option.

Digital marketing involves promoting services and products through the internet which can be found on ubrik.com. Some of the popular digital marketing strategies include:

  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing

An international advertising agency can help you choose a strategy that best meets your needs. Traditional marketing involves the use of ordinary marketing methods like print ads, television commercials, billboards, events, and radio ads. Today, many companies prefer digital marketing over traditional options because it offers various benefits, as we shall see below.

Increased Customer Engagement

Traditional marketing strategies do not facilitate direct interaction with customers. Digital marketing, on the other hand, allows customers and providers to interact more in various ways. You can communicate with your customers through email messages or even social media comments.

Your business can develop better and lasting relationships with consumers by interacting through surveys, videos, or even webinars. Your business will operate better by customizing products to meet customer demands. Digital marketing not only allows you to engage with consumers, but it also allows you to understand their pain points and provide solutions.


Advertising and marketing expenses are among the largest financial responsibilities that companies have to handle. Already established businesses may have an easy time investing massive amounts of money in advertisement and marketing. However, small businesses will struggle to raise advertising costs.

Marketing on digital platforms is more affordable than traditional methods. What’s more, digital marketing allows entrepreneurs to create more while spending less. For example, you can send direct or transactional emails to numerous people on your mailing list. All you need is to subscribe to an email marketing provider for a few dollars.

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A High Return on Investment

The revenue a business generates is crucial. Digital marketing gives businesses a considerable return from a small investment. Organizing advertising drives on social media platforms, and email marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing is Non-invasive

Digital marketing is not as invasive as traditional options. For example, people hardly purchase newspapers to view advertisements only. The same is the case with radio and television channels.

Customers will not listen to the radio or watch television for ads. Today, many streaming services are ad-free, which explains why they are popular among many people. It is prudent to say that traditional marketing strategies are often invasive, and many people ignore them.

When it comes to digital marketing, however, customers can pick the ads they want to watch or not. Often, digital promotions do not push themselves on customers. Customers can ignore the drive or even minimize display ads that they consider a disturbance.

Easy to Share

Many digital marketing platforms come with content sharing features that allow the sharing of posts and marketing drives with a wider audience. Doing so creates a multiplier effect and can boost sales results.

Precise Targeting

Traditional marketing strategies incorporate the spray and pray technique. Here, an advertisement runs through a channel with a considerable reach with the expectation that some viewers will inquire. However, marketing through digital platforms facilitates targeted campaigning, where customers receive ads based on their initial action or preferences. For example, customers will only receive transactional emails following their previous activity on the business.

Often, social media platforms come with a smart algorithm that evaluates and sorts out user preferences. This way, specific marketing drives will only appear to consumers with a particular indication. Apart from increasing the chances of making sales, this is an ideal way of cutting down marketing costs.


While traditional marketing strategies are still in use, they offer a lower ROI compared to their digital counterparts. Entrepreneurs can enhance their general marketing drive performances by adopting effective digital marketing strategies.


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