All You Want to Know About Animated Series and Screenwriting

All You Want to Know About Animated Series and Screenwriting

If you are interested in creating your identity as a film scriptwriter, it is wise to start by knowing some basics about the industry. Above all, you have to have a grip on the core types of scripts you might be writing as a screenwriter.

Figuring out and understanding what types of scripts you would like to write will set you up for greater success once you enter a film or TV scriptwriting assignment.

This article will explore one of the main types of scripts you will come across in your professional career as a screenwriter. Animated series scripts are one of the popular types of scripts in today’s times. Let us take a look at the insights on animated series and scriptwriting.

Animated series and screenwriting

Animated series can be episodic or can be serial. If these are episodic, they are similar to live-action TV series. We hardly ever see an animated series that is longer than an hour. Usually, a 22-minute script for a half-hour show is made. That is around 22 to 45 pages on paper. Commonly, the lengths tend to be the same for both episodic as well as serial types.

The screenwriters usually write as a team for animated TV or film series. Such projects are similar to live-action projects. The Simpsons and the King of the Hill are two famous examples of this. 

On the contrary, animated series for children are different and usually require only one writer. A writing duo can also work on such a project.

Writers either develop an idea from scratch or work on an existing project. They come up with a story and then write a detailed script, including dialogue and action. 

The final draft of the script gets pitched to a producer or an animation film studio. For ongoing animated TV series, writers can pitch an episode to producers with a view to being commissioned for that particular episode.

Scriptwriters and screenwriters for animation TV series usually work as freelancers. However, big studios sometimes have their own in-house staff who work as writers.

Animation writers develop story plotlines and present them in the form of scripts. Their scripts are used by storyboard artists and directors for working out the visual art style of the project. 

Animation writers are relatively more descriptive than writers on live-action projects. In other script types, it is majorly up to the director to interpret what the action will look like. Along with that, how the characters will act also depends on their projection. On the other hand, in animation projects, the writers put in all those details and make it worth the watch!

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