The Top Seven Tricks for Email Marketing from Experts

The Top Seven Tricks for Email Marketing from Experts

As we all know, email is a powerful tool for small businesses, suggested if we use the proper practices. However, when it comes to email marketing, the little things often matter because merely sending out mass emails without a carefully honed message can ultimately backfire on business. With these compelling reasons to beef up your email marketing game in mind, we have tried to collect all sorts of tricks and ideas from our top email marketing specialist.

Even if you’re a seasoned marketing professional, getting your email to stand out among all competition can be a considerable challenge. There’s a lot to learn regarding email marketing, as it requires incredible creativity to create some winning designs. Even personalising content and reaching different customer profiles requires a great understanding that can be tedious for the marketer.

Here we will share some top tricks from email marketing experts that can better serve your customers and get enhanced engagement from them. But, first, let’s check some of the top tricks experienced email marketers who have nudged their wisdom to craft exceptional emails.

Stick to a single goal 

It is necessary to focus on one single goal and write valuable and original content that generates your business’s expertise. Trying to add many things at a time can dilute the message. So, stick to your goal and target your audience with such offers that they can’t resist. If you want to generate leads, then reach to them with relevant content that reflects the interest of your target audience and allow them to be a potential lead for your brand.

Add personalization

The top recommendation that any email marketing consultant gives to a brand is to increase their conversion by personalization. Instead of sending generic messages, address your audience with their name and offer relevant info on their interests and preferences. Then, using email marketing automation software, you can craft a message per customer journey and create the proper communications across channels.

Express your brand goals with video

The latest trend or trick gaining good momentum in email marketing enables a video to share the content. A video can be valuable because it can convey a lot more worth than a thousand words. In addition, most of the customers prefer to view a video instead of reading long lengthy content. So, utilizing this trick, you can offer to send videos in brief that can demonstrate learning about your products and services before purchasing. Then, you could embed that video into your email and confirm authenticity among your valuable customers.

Lend Great Customer Experience

Putting customers’ preferences first lends an excellent customer experience to excite them to buy from your website. Regardless of the inherent benefits of email marketing, you need to provide the right product for the right price at the right time. Thus, you can achieve your objective to improve the experience of your brand and build a stronghold on your subscribers in their customer journey.

Automation throughout the customer lifecycle

With a contact list of diverse individuals with different preferences, we need to revive them through practical measures. We need to adopt email automation to drive higher response rates with customer preference data. This approach allows to include welcome messages and cart abandonment programs to address a specific audience. You can even implement some triggers to get a high level of conversion intent and meet the demand spontaneously.

Subject Line Testing

To increase the top-of-the-funnel in email marketing, give more preference to subject lines. Subject lines are like ice cream flavours that, with several options, can engage as many people as possible. So, make sure your subject line is shortly enabled with a CTA that your reader can easily view. Try to test your subject lines with A/B testing and improve the chances of success. Using such optimized subject lines allows you to get more opens to your email campaign and make it massively successful.

Build a rich customer profile

Email marketing experts rely on building a rich customer profile based on pure behavioral signals to generate and solicit more signals for email marketing campaigns. Catering to the needs and requirements of each individual, you need to be better and better at looking at comparison sites and retargeting your potential audience. You need to build a more prosperous, fuller customer profile and ask for or gauge additional profile information that can enable you to understand who is interested and when.


Having some effective tricks on hand by the knowledge and expertise of our email marketing professionals can invariably boost your email marketing. So, maximizing your ROI by following the tried-and-true strategies can provide an active playground for B2C and B2B brands, thus increasing the lifetime value of your subscribers. Therefore, enjoy the essence of our top email experts and revamp your email marketing strategy.


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