Arctis 7 vs Arctis Pro Comparison: Which Gaming Headset should you buy in 2021?

Arctis 7 vs Arctis Pro Comparison: Which Gaming Headset should you buy in 2021?

There is an abundance of gaming headsets available in the market that makes buyers arduous for picking up the optimum one. But it is required to have the knowledge & experience before buying the right headsets to avoid post purchasing problems. We at Headphone Critics is one of the topmost brands that have a team of experienced and knowledgeable players that are proficient in reviewing the perfect fit gaming headsets for different kinds of gamers. By initiating the worthwhile conversation we will help you in hunting the best option for your needs & requirements. In this article, we will debate whether The Arctis 7 or an Arctis Pro is the perfect gaming headphones for you or not. By reviewing with unbiasedness & clarity you will get a clear-cut idea for buying the headphones. Both are SteelSeries Headphones and widely demanded in the market by a large number of customers. The Arctic 7 headphones are lower-end wireless headsets that provide an instant charging option. But if we talk about Arctis 7 Pro headphones these are available at a much higher price but nearly provide the same audio output quality. Other than this there are many different features on that basis we have compared the both of the headphones. Therefore, our guide will definitely help you out & will compare well these two leading products from SteelSeries, keep on reading and get to know more about Arctis Headphones in 2021.

Key Features of Arctis 7 & Arctis 7 Pro Gaming Headphones in 2021

The Steelseries Arctis 7 & Arctis 7 Pro both are the most popular launches and created a great positive impact in the market. It is a mid-level gaming headset that will satisfy the need with different features & price offerings. Below we have listed the individual features of Arctis 7 & Arctis 7 Pro gaming headphones, these headphones offer a lot at this price range. Listed are specified features & quality of both pieces.

Why should you buy Steelseries Arctis 7 Headphones?

With the complete research and analysis, our guide has provided the relevant information about Arctis 7 Headphones in 2021. Here we have mentioned some of the key features of this headset.

  • Sound Quality: It is high-quality gaming headsets that provide players a delightful gaming experience without creating a disturbance by the surroundings. Its amazing sound quality has a frequency range between 20-20,000 hertz. Therefore, with the advancement in technology, it provides a lot of bonuses to most gamers.
  • Microphone Quality: The Steelseries Arctis 7 headphones have an average mic quality in terms of audio quality. It has an easily movable option including the mic pull or out. So, place your mic as per your requirements whether in the front of your mouth or retract it into the headset. With the boom microphone style, it provides an improved gaming experience.
  • Battery Life: The Arctis 7 Headsets has a long-life battery. You can enjoy multiple gaming sessions with once fully charged headphones. It has a rechargeable option with providing audio while charging as well.

Why should you buy Arctis 7 Pro Gaming Headphones?

Get to know the unbiased and complete information of Arctis 7 Pro Headphones. Below we have mentioned some of the key features of this headset that will help you in knowing whether to buy or not to buy these headphones.

  • Sound Quality: The Steelseries Arctis Pro wireless gaming headset has a frequency range of 10 – 40,000 Hz. With consistent bass accuracy & mid-level accuracy, it is the topmost choice for gamers.
  • Mic Quality: The Pro headphones are analyzed as having much better mic quality than the Arctis 7. With the amazing background noise reduction and noise cancellation, get the premium feel of gaming by owning an Arctis 7 Pro Gaming Headsets. Its air-weave cushions prevent you from sweating for long.
  • Wired & Wireless Connectivity: Arctis Pro is available in the various connectivity options. You can get the wired & wireless features both in this one headset. Get the multi-device pairing & Bluetooth connectivity option in 7 Pro Headphones.


In the nutshell, we believe that both gaming headsets have their own pros & cons. It’s up to your gaming needs and budget which one to buy & which one to avoid. In terms of quality, nothing can beat the Arctis 7 & 7 Pro headphones. If you are a casual gamer it is advised to buy 7 rather than a pro but if you are an expert or pro gamer we recommend you to buy Arctis 7 pro Headphones it will definitely be worth your money.


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