Astro Holdings Review – Dawn of a New Era in Online Trading

Astro Holdings Review – Dawn of a New Era in Online Trading

The advent of modern trading tools have led to the rise in online trade. Various brokers have developed state of the art software’s to compete in the online brokerage space. Most new age platforms are now equipped with quick execution technology. 

One such broker is Astro Holdings, a fast rising trade platform.

Astro Holdings vs Other Platforms

Astro Holdings started out most recently and is a global trading platform. They follow tight regulatory guidelines to ensure safety of client data. Amongst these guidelines they follow, one is anti-money laundering (AML). 

These laws prevent whitening of illegally obtained funds. Therefore, Astro Holdings requests all clients for identification proof along with a supporting statement of funding source. This is only done to ensure that their clientele is compliant with the rules and regulations of international trading. 

Compared to other established platforms, Astro Holdings fares quite well. This is because, Astro Holdings ensures that they follow best practices established by industry experts. 

Astro Holdings Industry Footprint

Being a recent entrant, it is very difficult to rise to the top quickly. However, Astro Holdings has achieved this feat in a relatively short span of time since they ensure client satisfaction as a priority. Astro Holdings has a team of dedicated customer service professionals who are available seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. This is to ensure that regardless of the time zone the customer is located in, they are never without assistance. Therefore, Astro Holdings industry footprint is quickly focused on becoming the next best trading platform. 

Astro Holdings Product Offering

Astro Holdings offers a range of products for the online investor. Astro Holdings offer CFDs (Contracts for Differences). These are the option to speculate on the price increase or decrease without actually owning the asset. This saves time for the savvy investor. Therefore, a range of Forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, commodities such as gold and crude oil are on offer with Astro Holdings. Traditional products such as equity and indices are also available for trading. 


Astro Holdings Pros

As a new entrant into the world of e-trading, our concerns stem from what the broker has to offer us. One of the benefits of selecting a lesser known trading platform such as Astro Holdings is that they have low commissions. Since they are trying to build a stable client base, they offer really lucrative commission structures. This is beneficial for the online trader because each trade gain means maximum value is retained by the client. 

The online trading platform provides a stress free experience as the interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. 

Similarly, their customer assistance feature is a plus. Specifically for clients who are new to e-trading, their customer service team can help them get on board and trading quicker. 

Furthermore, it is a global broker, not restricted to taxation laws of any one geographic location, hence, your income is not subject to additional taxation apart from your own tax umbrella.

There is a sign up bonus for new clients, which is a great offering. Also, they offer leverage facility. Meaning, you can grow your trades by taking advantage of the ability to leverage your account balance.

Astro Holdings Cons

As everything cannot be perfect, Astro Holdings also has certain downsides. For starters, although their commission structure is competitive, their fee structure is quite high in comparison to other brokers. So, when it comes to withdrawing client earnings, there is a fee payment depending on the withdrawal method used, i.e. wire transfer, PayPal, direct to bank account transfer etc.  The most expensive withdrawal method is PayPal.

Also, their minimum deposit level is a bit high. And if the client wishes to upgrade account facilities, they will need to add more funds in their account. 

Furthermore, their initial verification process is quite tedious since they undertake a lot of background checks. If the client has income from sources other than salary, a letter from the respective investment firm or bank is required as proof of funds being legal.

Overall Standing of Astro Holdings

Astro Holdings is an excellent broker. Considering the competition, they are faced with, they have done their best to deliver maximum value to the end user. 

As Astro Holdings grows its clientele, they keep improving their features and facilities. A fresh and exciting trading experience is on offer. Excellent spreads and low commissions make it a lucrative choice of broker. 

Furthermore, client data and privacy protection are of the highest level. A strong regulatory net protects client funds at all times. However, in terms of improvements, their withdrawal fees could be reduced to allow investors to frequently withdraw small chunks of earnings.  Similarly, they could also reduce the minimum deposit requirement to target a larger market.

Overall, they are a trust worthy option for your online trades. 

Contact Astro Holdings to learn more.


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