7 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring Online

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Is it time to start looking for an engagement ring? Congratulations! Buying an engagement ring and planning a proposal is an exciting moment, and it’s easy to get caught up in romanticism, but remember that an engagement ring is generally an expensive purchase, so make sure you do it well.

Whether looking for rings together or on your own, our comprehensive guide will help you select the right engagement ring for your significant other. Read our recommendations before making this important purchase.

1. Purchase from a Wholesaler

Working with unconventional diamond dealers or wholesalers is one of the possibilities. A wholesaler or private merchant may work one-on-one with consumers to develop a ring exclusively for them.

Additionally, because wholesalers don’t have the overhead that traditional merchants have, they can save customers more than 30%, offering them the biggest bang for their dollars.

2. Bargain Like a Boss

Engagement rings may be marked up much beyond the necessary margins. In fact, some rings are marked up by up to 500%. Do your homework before pulling the trigger, and don’t be afraid to bargain. 

A good jeweller will work within your budget to offer you the greatest quality that meets your specifications.

3. Think about the cut’s quality and clarity.

It is recommended to buy the lowest hue diamond that appears colorless to the human eye to save money. “This is often an I or J hue for round diamonds set in white gold. You could even go down to a K hue in yellow gold. 

There is a huge pricing difference between a J colour and a D colour. The same holds true for clarity. Choose the lowest clarity diamond that is still clean to the human eye, since it will appear identical to a perfect diamond provided all other factors are equal. 

On the other hand, private jewellers urge customers to never compromise on the quality of the diamond’s cut. 

The diamond’s cut is responsible for its stunning shine. If you take a mediocre raw diamond and correctly cut it, it will appear absolutely magnificent. On the contrary, if a top-of-the-line raw diamond is cut improperly, it will appear like rubbish.

4. Check that the certificate matches the diamond.

According to experts, most diamonds have laser etched girdles that may be verified with a jeweller’s loupe. Many contain inclusions, so check the diamond and see if you can match the flaws to the map on the certificate.

5. Always purchase certified products.

Purchasing an engagement ring is one of life’s most costly expenditures, so take your time and browse wisely. When you do discover your ideal ring, make certain that it is verified by an approved laboratory. 

Diamonds certified by other unapproved laboratories may have inflated grades, giving the consumer the impression of a fantastic deal when, in fact, the customer may receive a poorer quality diamond, according to experts. This is the most common deception used by jewellery retailers.

6. Think about how your engagement ring will appear beside your wedding band.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the hunt for the ideal diamond, the engagement ring is only one-half of the equation. Your wedding band, the real sign of your marriage, is sometimes forgotten. 

Some engagement rings do not enable a band to fit flush against them, so before committing to an engagement ring type, evaluate the whole package of prong vs pavé and channel-set stones.

7. Use Correct Measurements

This may sound simple, but make sure you both measure your ring fingers correctly. You don’t want a ring that restricts your circulation or, worse, is so loose that it might come off. It should feel snug but comfortable. 

If you’re not looking for engagement rings together, you may go to a jewellery store on your own and then casually mention your size the next time the subject comes up, or tell your best friend so they’ll know the answer when your boyfriend inquires.

If you are unclear about our partner’s ring size, we recommend that you first consult their close friends and family. You may also use an existing ring as a reference s long as it’s on the proper finger and show your jeweller images of their hands for comparison. If you’re still undecided, go with a little bigger band that can be adjusted later.

There is no hard and fast rule for how much to spend when you buy moissanite rings online; it all depends on your unique budget and stylistic choices.

Only purchase from reputable vendors. This should go without saying, but just in case, make sure you check independent reviews for anyone you’re buying from and make sure they’re authentic. When purchasing diamonds, ask for certification to guarantee that the stones are as stated and ethically obtained. 

Look for the trader’s full address; if it’s not on their website, they must offer it to you – an email address or a post office box will not suffice! Be cautious of newly established websites, as they may be bogus.

Examine the Terms and Conditions. It’s long, dull, and full of jargon, but read any Ts&Cs, or contract issued to you by the jeweller, before you make your purchase, especially if it’s a custom-made ring. 

Make sure you understand the various stages of the design and when you may still make modifications. Check to see the conditions under which you may be eligible to receive a refund.

If at all feasible, use a credit card or, failing that, a debit card secured by one of the major credit card companies to purchase your engagement ring online. Never send cash, a bank transfer, or a money wire service since you will have no recourse if something goes wrong.

Understand your partner’s personality and preferences. What not to do: don’t purchase your sweetheart an engagement ring they despise. This may seem straightforward, but it is more difficult than you may imagine.

Choosing an engagement ring is more than simply picking a stone; it’s also about ensuring that the ring looks well and feels right to your lover.

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