Ten Books Recommended For Computer Discipline Majors

Just like any other field, computer discipline has a library full of books. With advanced technology, students log on to online computer assignments for extra studying and assistance in completing difficult tasks. With time, different authors have published computer science books each showing the different eras of the computer. Majors in this discipline get to read a lot of books just like any other field. It all depends on what area of study piques their interest. Here are some classic books in this discipline.

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Recommended Books

  • Algorithms to Live By authored by Tom Griffiths and Brian Christian

The publication describes how algorithms like the ones used in computers have answers to multiple human questions. The two authors explain how to understand the human gut feeling, how to make the right decisions when overwhelmed, and how to relate with other people, among others. It goes deeper into the cognitive and behavior of human beings.

  • The Soul of New Machine by Tracy Kidder

The book published in the year 1981 narrates the story behind the initial years of PCs. The business approach go-for-poor mentioned in this book helps a lot of companies even today. It is still one of the best computer publications.

  • Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom

The author tries to explain what to expect in the future in terms of computer intelligence. The book’s theme and questions create a mental picture of what happens when technology beats human intelligence.

  • Hackers by Steven Levy

The book was first published way before hacking turned into a threat to the digital world. He brings out a positive side of hacking and the use of computers to better the world. He strongly believes in hacker ethics.

  • Code by Charles Petzold

The author answers questions related to code names. He shows how it works by using familiar events and objects. It describes the world of computers today in a way that the audience appreciates it better.

  • The Chip by T.R. Reid

The book tells the story of the two men Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce, who legally battled for the microchip ownership. He narrates it fascinatingly.

  • The Second Machine Age by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson

The authors of this book expose how technologies like the Google autonomous car work and how they affect our economy and lives in general

  • The Innovators by Walter Isaacson

The book goes into the details of the famous people who contributed to the internet and computer world. It gives a clear picture of how they all came together, citing their achievements.

  • Thinking in System by Donella Meadows

The author of this book equates world problems to Computer system malfunctions. She explains that solving a system malfunction requires one to solve it jointly and not piece by piece and the same strategy in solving world problems.

  • The Search by John Battelle

The book describes how Sergey Brin and Larry Page effortlessly fought to brand Google the number one search engine coming out better than other engines. It also shows that will power is the best force of overcoming obstacles.


Computer science is a very vast complex discipline. It requires a lot of practice and reading to better one’s skills. There are plenty of books that major’s in this discipline read and extract their information and knowledge from. The above ten books are some of the best.




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