5 Most Popular Computer Programming Games for Kids

5 Most Popular Computer Programming Games for Kids

Programming is the future. And we are talking not only about the profession but about lifestyle. 20-30 years ago, mobile phones were rare devices only for rich people. Nowadays it is as necessary as public transport, for example. The same situation is happening with coding. From an early age, the brain is open to technology. It is a common situation when a baby starts using a smartphone before talking. It is hard to say where it leads, but it is true that without simple knowledge about programming, children can’t be successful in their future society. It is good news that thanks to the internet a lot of computer programming games are available. Their amount grows every day and develops different programming child’s skills. So if you agree with this and want to add some IT to your child’s life, let’s start with simple steps to prepare all for educational games. 

  • Check if the game works on a tablet or only on a PC and use suitable devices.
  • Update browsers or operating systems for the latest version for the correct working of the game.
  • Don’t forget to turn off ad blockers or other programs and apps that can interfere with the game. 

Let’s move on to choosing the best games for children.

Top 5 Сomputer Programming Games for Kids

We are sure that even you can get stuck with these games. Most of them are very addictive in a good sense — even adults can learn something about programming using these programs. If you are past that level and need someone to help you with professional programming, or college/university assignments, send a brief request to computer programming experts from AssignmentCore and get coding projects done for money. Returning to the programming games for kids — let’s talk about the most interesting ones.


This game is perfect for the start of learning programming. Your goal is to help the monkey to catch and collect bananas and solve other problems. Using a text-based editor, you give commands to the pet. The language of programming CoffeeScript was adapted from JavaScript, so the syntax is close to reality. This game doesn’t require any knowledge of coding but gives it to future programmers. Simple interface and exciting plot attract small coders to and show how to be an adult.


It is not only a game but a programming language at the same time. It was constructed for the schoolchildren but later developed for the smaller audience too. There are a lot of online resources that explain how to start and how it works in general, so you need only desire and patience to become successful. While coding you create animations, plots, heroes, sound effects. The best news is that you can share your game with other users. Using Scratch children develop in two ways at the same time. They are programming and creativity. At the same time, it provides systematic thinking that is necessary for every programming language that the child will choose in the future.  


It is a series of 7 games produced by Google for young programmers. A necessary condition is the ability to read quickly enough, so it is more suitable for the age 7+. It is open-source software designed for children without any experience in programming, but it is a perfect start for teaching a few programming languages at the same time. This game includes blocks that the user moves on the screen and creates the game by these actions. The created code automatically translates to Python, Dart, JavaScript, Lua, XML, and PHP so you can see the result like you are a professional programmer. The game improves logic a lot because the goal of the game is to build the structure. If it will not work, you need to come back to blocks and replace them until you will not be satisfied with the result.


It is more about programming school for children than a game. In CodaKid young programmers create their games and online ask for help or advice. It is not as simple as the games above, but it is about real coding. The coding program is focused on the famous games Minecraft and Roblox so you can feel yourself a real developer. 


This exciting game combines playing and coding. It is not simple but very exciting. You move the strings of a code to control your character and help him to solve different problems. The simple interface is perfect to start and enter the game quickly. You see how the code influences the actions of the character that speeds up a learning process. 

Studying while playing is the best way to become clever. Children love to play, so it will not be so hard to add some knowledge to their schedule. It depends on the teachers and parents what professions will choose a child in the future. So one of the goals is to add as many variants as you can and open the world of programming as soon as possible. Some of the games are free, but for some of them, you need to pay. And it is a good practice to pay for apps and content. We also believe that internet users must also pay for music, films and TV channels. Thanks to these actions, children will see that it is normal, and programmers will always be demanded because the development of apps and content will never stop.


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