How to choose the best cricket betting website ?

How to choose the best cricket betting website ?

Cricket betting on various cricket matches takes place worldwide. Betting markets for cricket betting mainly exist through two types of reputable commercial entities, namely bookmakers and online sportsbooks. The two types employ different processes, but both offer a variety of bets that anyone can place from anywhere in the world at any time via a computer or mobile app without having to visit a physical location.

Bookmakers offer bets on the outcome of a match, the result of a series of pitches, and in-play betting and also offer an array of exotic betting options that have been designed to both protect themselves against heavy losses as well as to attract and retain new customers. Follow these tips to select the best cricket betting website.  

1. Transparent Company

A company is only as good as its reputation, and a lack of transparency is a red flag. The different factors at stake in the industry make it so that the less information you give them, the less trust you have to put in their decisions. So, when choosing a website, look for one that will be upfront about its policies and what they offer.

2. Security

If we’re going to be putting our money on something, then we want to make sure it’s going to remain secure no matter what happens. So, look for a company that is well established and has been around for a number of years. And also, one that has good security protocols in place to keep your personal and financial details safe.

3. Level of customer care

Like the government, it’s important to be able to trust that someone you’re dealing with is going to know what they are doing, so it’s great if a betting site ensures they are able to provide customer care 24/7 with trained staff and professional skills.

4. Fairness

What’s the point of betting if you’re not going to be offered a fair price? Don’t just accept the first price that’s on offer. Before any bets are made, find out how they pay out their winners and whether they have a set value assigned to your bet. And if there are different amounts for different prizes and odds, then find out which is best for you, so you know what to expect.

5. Value for money

Some sites charge a monthly subscription fee which can quickly add up due to the number of bets placed at one time when a match is in progress.

4. Reviews on the website

The more reviews you can find, the more likely you are to feel confident when putting your money on an online site as opposed to an offline bookmaker or casino. The more customers that have been there and done that through reviews, the more they can tell you what they loved or hated about the site.

5. Pay What You Want payment system – Look for websites that offer this option as it means you can set a minimum price on each bet, so if you’re not keen on placing a large amount of money on a match but still want to make a contribution, then this is your chance.

6. Email support – If all else fails and you find yourself in need of assistance or some advice from your bookmaker, don’t be afraid to contact them via email because it’s what they are there for to help their customers!

7. Availability in a language you understand

What about if you don’t speak English? Or if your chosen company doesn’t offer a service in your native language? No problem, many online betting sites now offer customer care and email support services in the local language of their country.

8. Mobile site – A great way to take advantage of all that’s on offer is to simply log onto the mobile version of an online sports betting site. And with large screens, there’s no need to squint at tiny fonts, which makes it easier on the eyes and more convenient.

9. Ease of use

If there is something slightly irritating about a site that you’re interested in, it may be a that simple fix. Make sure it’s easy to find the information you want, easy to follow instructions with step-by-step instructions, no lengthy registration process required, and don’t feel pressured into continuing to bet before your money is in.

10. T&C’s – know what they are before you enter them. If a betting site has not provided enough information for its customers, it’s the perfect reason to move on and look elsewhere for your online cricket betting needs.

11. Usability

The top websites in the industry are those that are user-friendly and easy to navigate. This means you can find your way around the website easily and configure all the settings you need to place a bet.

12. Fair fees

Not all companies charge equally, so be sure to do your research before placing a bet if you’re not happy for a company to start charging for other services such as other payments or deposits etc.

13. Customer feedback

Online customer feedback is invaluable for determining which sites are the best for the way you like to engage in the betting world. Negative reviews should be taken on board and read with a pinch of salt, but positive ones will give you some ideas of what to expect when placing a bet. Online customer reviews are free to review and can be read on any website which holds a listing for a company, so there’s no excuse not to check them out!

14. Customer satisfaction

The best websites have put in place systems that ensure their customers feel satisfied with all they’re paying out, happy with the support they receive, and confident enough in their offerings to place bets again should they’ve lost.


A cricket betting website should be easy to use, with clear and concise rules and regulations, and a transparent company that has a good reputation and also looks after its customers. This way, you know beforehand if it’s legit. Also, a good website should be able to provide good cricket tips for betting. 

 When all of these factors are considered, you can bet your bottom dollar on the fact your choice will be a good one!

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