Critical Illness Coverage: Why Truck Drivers Need It

Critical Illness Coverage: Why Truck Drivers Need It

The article provides a history of how industry-wide illness coverage for truckers started and what steps they took to make it possible. The benefits for this type of coverage to drivers will be talked about in-depth and how even if one has plans for medical leave, they should consider the alimony and financial benefits that critical illness coverage for truckers would leave them with.

What Is Critical Illness Coverage

Truck drivers face some dangers on the job. One common risk is called a “catastrophic illness.” A catastrophic illness means that a driver for a for-hire trucking or a private carrier has a life-threatening medical condition that will not improve with less than six months of benefits without making him unable to work. Often, these conditions include cancer, heart attack, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and myasthenia gravis, and more. Truckers deserve coverage like anyone else because they provide such an essential service.

Things covered by a critical illness policy

Truck drivers are living an exceptionally dangerous lifestyle. Constant driving coupled with little downtime makes it seem like a miracle when they can leave the profession whole. However, their bodies are subject to the same wear and tear as the rest of ours and they suffer injuries under unfortunate circumstances. Having proper health insurance is one of the key components of keeping truckers employed and alive. Let’s take a closer look at what coverage is available for these professionals.

How to start on your own?

Truck drivers working long haul routes are uniquely exposed to side effects of stress, lack of punctuality, and interruption due to busy schedules. With so many tasks you need to accomplish at work each day routine becomes quite difficult especially if it is your first time driving for your company.

When are the time to separate work and personal life?

For truck drivers, there are many perks. One perk is being able to keep the business rest assured knowing that they are fully covered for any problem that may arise on the job. Since the late 1800s, truck drivers have not had access to life insurance options that are offered to all employees. This made it susceptible for truckers to have financial difficulties because without their families or survivors always having their support, many cannot afford grieving costs like funeral and burial expenses.

Fitness vs. Health Insurance

LIfe insurance for truck drivers provides safety and security in case of illness or catastrophic financial loss so most people purchase it before receiving a physical.  With the age-old debate in the driver’s seat, driver’s coverage is in need of improvements to create more balance in their healthcare costs. There are many factors that go into determining when an individual will be “eligibile” for health insurance, which includes life expectancy and whether they are able to swim or lift large objects. 

Truck drivers are uniquely positioned with having to handle much more than driving; driving is only part of their profession. Accordingly, because of the many factors involved in being a truck driver, they may have a higher chance of being eligible for coverage.


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