Top 7 Cryptocurrencies for Investment

Top 7 Cryptocurrencies for Investment

When it comes to making investments, its knowledge is really very powerful. Knowledge is something that can take you forward at every turn, so you have a chance to get to know your next instinct. Even if you’re thinking about buying and investing cryptocurrencies, you don’t know which one is best for you. We’ve brought up the list of the best cryptocurrencies.


It works as a digital payment network for economic transactions. And it provides secure economic transactions. Ripple is one of the most popular digital COINS for payments. Causing it to become a serious competitor for quick-grade networks. Allows Banks to direct to send or receive money transfers. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit BTC Formula

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin still exists as a granddaddy in cryptocurrency. And this is the best option for new investors. After three years of downturn and ups, the price is now stable to 8,470 pounds, which is the safest for the first time ever for a person who comes to the crypto. And when good days of big returns are over now, 2020 can bring anything efficiently. It is the saying of the day chapman, that the BC is the executive director in the group. The assets of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are now consolidating. This year there has been another bitcoin halving in the network reducing the number of new coins. For many bitcoins, this increasing deficit lowers the real value of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrencies It is a broad decentralized computer operated by its own currency called ether. In the market, there is a market cap of $298 per coin of $44.35b. If seen, apart from the price, it is further away from bitcoin. Ethereum is given great help to some clever investors in the crypto space. In 2012 Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron purchased 120,000 bitcoins for a $10 coin the twins made a huge profit and then invested $300 million into crypto and purchased a substantial amount of ethereum in the process. Ethereum blockchain technology of the ethereum embraced by Microsoft azure, JP Morgan, and amazon.

Litecoin (LTC)

The first altcoin was launched in the Litecoin block year 2011. With bitcoin it shares many similarities.  A network that is cheap and easy to maintain is a cryptocurrency with the range of Litecoin resource bitcoin production. Only over 84million Litecoin there. The miners dug nearly 55 million today. The main selling point of Litecoin is its speed and utility. Bitcoin 4x faster, it’s sending and receiving global payments. ping someone as easy as you can. The fees for a loan coin are less than the charge of credit card companies and the bank transfer.


Tron is a decentralized sharing platform for blockchain purifiers. That uses the peer-to-peer technique. Its manufacturers want to set up a free, global digital platform with distributed storage technology, allowing the user to share content without the need for a third-party mediator. The current value of the Tron coins is $0.018. Tron will power many analysts to share and build content on the next generation social media platform.


Titan is a young start that creates much stir in the crypto community. This innovative new payment system has been created to solve the current problems associated with crypto coins worldwide. It USES two algorithm systems with revolutionary new blockchain technology, which includes work proof as well as work and dynamic conditions. Decentralized multicurrency wallet also includes Titan coin. It lets you send or receive coins of Titan. In addition, Titan coins easy to download all major platforms including android, Windows, Linux, web, IOS/MAC.


Neo. This is a computer programmer who is Chinese. An open-source blockchain platform built by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang. in 2014. It’s often called Chinese bitcoin. Because it was the first cryptocurrency to come out of China. and bitcoin shares many parallelisms, though, in practice, NEO is much snappier. An effective way of managing digital assets in the newly decentralized location through an open-source system operated by users, investors and developers are also where real assets can be digitized for easy liquidity.


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