Cybersecurity issues for seniors looking for love in 2021

Cybersecurity issues for seniors looking for love in 2021

Older people are increasingly encouraged to use online options to find love, however, in many cases, they are not familiar with technology like younger generations, which makes them more likely to suffer deception or fall victim to any kind of cyber scam. These types of problems can be avoided taking into account certain issues, below, we explain some that can be of great help.

1. Select specialized platforms

On the web there are dating sites of all kinds and for all types. One of the ways to be safe and avoid the risk of scams is to choose one that specializes in the niche. You can get into these similar people who have your tastes and characteristics, which in addition to making you feel in accordance, offers you a practical interface that will help you master it more easily since it is designed taking into account especially your needs and those of your age group.

Since searching with filters like chats they become easier to use. In addition, being all older you will not feel overwhelmed with any situation that may occur, since, most are dealing with the same thing. On the other hand, these websites put a group of people with the features you want in one place and a click of contact what is a great opportunity.

2. Never follow suspicious links

Through phishing, scammers steal victims’ data or access all their information through malicious links. With these links, attackers redirect the person to a website very similar to the one that the site is supposed to promote and the person enters their data, usually financial, thinking that they are on the official site (Phishing). Also, it may not even be necessary to enter your data, since, in the link, you will directly attack the software of the computer and access the information stored in it (Pharming).

This is one of the main ways to commit fraud by cybercriminals, therefore, to prevent it from happening pay attention to the senders of your email, and if it comes from the appointments page verify on the web that it is the correct one. On the other hand, never access links sent to you by strangers or people you have just met through chats or messaging. Also always read well the emails you receive, pay attention to any error or the slightest change between the usual. Installing a Firewall can be very useful to avoid this problem.

3. Beware of scammers and know the red flags

Older people see the search for love online as an excellent option to return to the game in a less intimidating way, however, not being familiar with the practice they can fall for scams and deceptions more easily than those who use these platforms frequently. However, the knowledge of those behaviors that represent a warning sign can be of great help, some of these red flags of online romance are:

Things are going too fast

People looking for a partner online, especially mature ones, do not want to rush things, on the contrary, they have opted for these platforms, since, it is easier to get to know each other better and calmly through this medium. Therefore, if a person falls in love immediately, he opens up with his secrets with barely knowing you and shows an intensity out of the ordinary Flee! This is most likely a scam. It’s important that you give yourself time to get to know people online, don’t rush.

The person claims to be away

Another common technique is that he always has some excuse not to know you, he claims to be on business trips, visiting family, living away, etc. Scammers seek to impersonate identities with extremely attractive profiles that make their victims bite the hook more easily, then they take full advantage of it online, it can be money, gifts, or financial data and when the need to know each other becomes prevalent they simply disappear.

However, Google Ads thanks to current technology, this technique is becoming increasingly difficult for cybercriminals. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation like this, do not get overwhelmed, perform a search for images on Google with the profile photos of the suspect, take a look at social networks and if you do not find anything, there is always the option to propose a short video call because “you want to see it” if you do not give in to anything or you find something suspicious it is best to walk away.

Your new friend ” needs ” money for emergencies

Financial scams are the most common in this cyber medium, therefore, the most likely thing is that in the long run, the criminal will play them asking you for some kind of help desperately. It can be health problems for you or your family, legal problems for crimes of which you are innocent, or any other kind of “emergencies.” According to the FBI, the so-called trust fraud was the seventh most common and the one that caused the most losses due to cyber-scams in 2018. Women tend to be more prone to it, because of its greater sensitivity. Therefore, never transfer money to anyone you do not know, much less provide them with your financial details, no matter how urgent or real their emergency looks.

4. Report cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be embarrassing, however, it doesn’t have to be. There are many people who suffer from this both mature and young, so, there is no reason to feel ashamed. If it is happening to you it is important that you report it to the site, for example, if it happens to you on a dating website, these offer contact options to get help and security in the same way social networks have the option to report those harassing users or with inappropriate behaviors. By doing so, you will not only be taking care of yourself, but also thousands of people who use those platforms, since, maybe you have not fallen into the scam, but other people may if they do and reporting it helps prevent this from happening.

5. When in doubt, ask tech-wise friends for advice

Accepting that some things are unknown is not a cause for shame, so if you are not very sure of an online situation, you should go to someone who can help you. Consult friends or family who know about technology, if you think you have been the victim of a cyber-state tell them what happened and why you think it was. In this way, they can help you clarify your doubts, solve the problem and even give you some tips to navigate more safely.

Seeking love online for seniors is a great option and doesn’t have to be risky, you just need to be cautious in using these platforms and keep these tips in mind.


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