How To Properly Dispose of Your Car Battery

How To Properly Dispose of Your Car Battery

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If you’ve noticed the telltale signs that your car battery is coming to its inevitable end, such as a fast clicking noise when you attempt to start the engine or the warning light on your dashboard has lit up, you need to start looking into replacement options fast. Of course, a dead car battery diagnosis will let you know for sure if the time has come.

Car batteries are made of potentially hazardous materials, including lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride, so it stands to reason that simply tossing your old battery into the trashcan just won’t do the trick. It is important you have a plan in place for disposing of your old battery in a safe manner.

Battery Recycling 101

If you’ve already completed the step of cautiously disconnecting your battery from both terminals, you now need to find a safe place to store the old battery until it reaches its new destination. Heavy-duty, plastic bags will do the trick, as long as you check that there are no rips or tears in the bag before placing the battery inside. It’s also worth double or triple bagging the battery for good measure.

Be extra cautious transporting the battery to the bag if you notice any cracks or leaks coming from the battery. You should wear protective gloves and long clothing to protect your skin from the corrosive acid.

Where To Recycle Your Old Car Battery

Now that the battery is safely stored, the next step is to find a recycling location that accepts car batteries. For instance, there are designated recycling depots that accept batteries, and a scrap metal depot may pay a small sum of money if your battery is still in good shape.

Another option is to transport your old car battery to AutoZone. Here, you can either drop off your old battery, which may be rewarded with a gift card, or you can trade it in for credit towards your new battery.

How To Replace Your Cars Battery

After you’ve properly disposed of your old car battery, you need to purchase a new one to get your car up and running again. Shop for the best motorcycle batteries for your bike or car batteries, making sure to choose a model that fits your car. There are often multiple options that can work with your vehicle, so you want to consider the expected lifespan of the battery and any other add-ons, such as a long warranty.

How To Install the New Battery

If you purchase your new battery from AutoZone, one of the AutoZoners can often install it for you. If you complete the installation on your own, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Check and clean the terminals
  2. Place the new battery, ensuring the posts match with the corresponding positive or negative terminals
  3. Secure it in place using the car’s hold down or clamps
  4. Expose the battery posts and coat each with lithium grease
  5. Connect the positive terminal and the negative one

Recycle and Replace Your Car Battery at AutoZone

Whether you’re a proud DIYer or a complete novice when it comes to automotive maintenance, AutoZone provides the parts and services you need to keep your car running. Recycle your old battery and purchase a new one at an AutoZone near you.


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