Edtech Startups Which Will Change The Education System

Edtech Startups Which Will Change The Education System

Education technology has recently been taken seriously by the community, especially in startups and investment boards. There has been an increase in jobs that demand life-long learning, which has made EdTech a booming market of potential and space. Here are the startups that have real potential in changing the education scope for the better.


The platform came from the desire of a father to get more connected to his child in the early stages of development. From the curiosity of knowing what a toddler says to understand you, the platform came to life. The system makes it quick and simple for it to capture ad store information regarding the EYFS development of a young one through various stages, and parents can assess and see the steps in the daily occurrences. Many resources are readily available at the click of a button, which makes the practitioners spend more time with the children, and parents can get more engagement with their younger ones.

Reading Together

The most crucial milestone in the development of a child is learning to read and learning to read well. That should equip them for a future in which further education and the accessibility of opportunities are advanced and optimised. In the UK, the tracking of the development of a kid gets done old-school. It makes the parents feel disconnected from their children in terms of their learning and improvement. The startup focuses on solving this problem through the use of a web-based program and application that strives to make positive changes to the early years of development of children. It allows the parents and teachers to connect with their children and hence boosts engagement.


The app has been helping both children and adults, especially in educating them health and the overall environment of schools and in institutions. The Giki Badges app simplifies shopping as it can scan the barcodes of various things across supermarkets and tells you if the product is healthy or not. The popularity of the app led to the creation of Eco Tools for Schools, which is a community of people online and also houses resources that parents and teachers can utilize to educate children on the issues mentioned above.


Many people have got the notion that education is what you acquire at school, but in the recent past, any young pole has realized that real learning takes place outside the school walls. T is for this reason that Fledglink has stepped up to help young people aged 16-24 to discover their talents, values, and also strengths. The app then connects them with businesses, opportunities, training, and the jobs that match their personalities and goals.

Developing Experts

Teachers have tough jobs in the world of education. As an instructor, you not only need to teach and inspire, for example providing programming assignment help, but you also have to mark assignments, plan your lessons, and balance your life, all at once. Developing Experts have an active platform that has over 700 studies that are engaging and science-based. They get embedded with experiments that get geared towards inspiring future generations to seek STEM careers. There are content in video, slides, assessments, and numerous activities that suit the UK’s Curriculum. It covers ages 4-14 children and aims at rethinking the way science gets taught to young minds.


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