Tips to Enhance Warehouse Security

Tips to Enhance Warehouse Security

Warehouse security systems are generally designed to protect the warehouse, rather than the goods and assets stored inside. Since it is the goods stored inside the more important warehouse, it is essential to monitor warehouse inventory in real-time.

Although warehouse theft prevention and security is an old problem, the advancement of technology in recent times has made it easier to address this problem. The warehouse security system works on capturing live footage through CCTVs and controlling access to the warehouse. Standard operating procedures are followed for the entry and exit of any person but some of these procedures take too long. The vendors and contractors have to go through extensive security screenings that slow down the speed of working.

Some warehouses employ more guards to ensure all standard operating procedures are being followed stringently. Frisking of employees is also undertaken at entry and exit points. The same emphasis is generally not laid on the goods being moved in and out of the warehouse. This often results in thefts.

What are the security challenges generally faced by warehouses?

All warehouses have to follow certain parameters related to the security of the premises and the goods stored there. A protocol has to be followed by the employees working there and the premises have to be managed proactively. Here are a few challenges that warehouses and logistics facilities need to address so that smooth functioning can be ensured and customized security solutions can be put in place.

  • Theft – Warehouses are generally located on the outskirts of cities and suburbs that are not very crowded. These can be an easy target for miscreants if proper security measures are not adopted. The premises store different types of products in large numbers. They need to be safeguarded before being dispatched to various delivery locations.
  • AccidentsduetoNegligence – Dock regions and other warehouses have to follow certain standard operating procedures to ensure the safety and security of goods stored and also the employees working there. Monitoring of the premises to see that all employees adhere to safety protocol is essential to avoid any mishap due to even the slightest negligence.
  • InternalBickeringandHarassment – It is a human tendency to lose temper in certain situations but care should be taken that such situations do not take a nasty turn and become violent. Employees tend to disagree with each other and may quarrel over petty issues. Sexual harassment cases and bullying can lead to problems that should be avoided at all costs. Stringent rules and continuous surveillance can keep these problems in check.
  • InventoryChecks – Products are regularly moved in and out of the warehouse and inventory checks ensure that the right packages are delivered to the right place. Employee performance also needs to be monitored for efficient and error-free working.
  • MultipleSites – Organizations generally have more than one sites that need to have separate security solutions which may be difficult to handle in the absence of a centralized monitoring system.

How can you enhance warehouse security?

Technology has given us various methods that can be employed to enhance the security of warehouses.

  • VideoSurveillancesolution – Smart surveillance cameras that can be integrated with other devices are very useful for the security of warehouses. They can transmit data onto the cloud so that it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere which is very convenient for the managers responsible for security.
  • MotionDetectionTechnology – Motion sensors can be installed in specific areas in the warehouse and around the perimeter. These sensors can be switched on at night or whenever no access is to be granted. They go off as soon as a trespasser comes in front of the sensor alerting the security officials. Immediate action can be taken to prevent any burglary or damage.
  • GlassBreaksensors – Surveillance staff is generally reduced after working hours. This is the time when miscreants can target the warehouse and enter the premises via glass windows among other methods. Glass break sensors can identify loud noise or vibrations when someone tries to break through the glass windows. The security officials are immediately notified of the same.
  • BuildingAccessControl – A building access control system allows limited access to specific areas like server rooms and storage facilities by implementing a one-time authentication password to gain access. This system restricts unauthorized entry and safeguards the premises.
  • EnvironmentalControl – Some warehouses are used to store perishable and highly sensitive and reactive materials that require specific atmospheric conditions to increase their longevity. Smart security solutions like smoke sensors, humidity control, and temperature and air quality sensors create optimum storage conditions.
  • RemoteNotificationTechnology – Cloud-based security solutions have a user-friendly interface that provides real-time alerts to the employer as well as the surveillance authorities. Instead of just looking at the video footage after the mishap, the officials can access all video coverage from anywhere.
  • ScalableSolutions – Your organization’s requirements may vary with business growth. It is wise to invest in a solution that is scalable and can be changed according to the changing needs. You may need to incorporate more cameras or motion sensors and integrate multiple devices. It may also happen that you need a fewer number of IP cameras and sensors in the future. The cloud-based solutions are flexible and can be changed as per your current requirements. This saves a lot of unnecessary expenditure.


Cloud-based security solutions are designed keeping in mind the latest requirements of the organizations for optimum working and business growth. They allow the authorities to keep a check on any unwanted activity in the warehouse and provides unlimited coverage. With added benefits like easy setup and integration with the current security system, additional backup for emergencies, instant alerts, centralized management interface, analytics for business growth, there is nothing more you can ask for. With smart security cameras warehouse and the goods inside, are protected from any kind of threat.

The mobile features and web access make it user-friendly as the cameras and sensors can be accessed and upgraded remotely. The audio integration feature proves very useful for communication with the employees. Once this security system is put into place you can rest assured about the safety of your warehouse.


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