Can you change the GPS location of your phone?

Can you change the GPS location of your phone?

In this article, I will discuss details about how to change ios GPS location on iPhone or iOS using Dr.Fone-Virtual location application. I will also discuss the risks of using fake GPS apps with joysticks and many other aspects. So I will guide you with steps about fake gps go.

Risk of victimizations faux GPS Apps with a joystick

You may feel extraordinary and happier for employing a fake GPS joystick with a joystick; however, you want to additionally apprehend the danger that comes with it. Here, we tend to be sharing some risks that you just can encounter whereas employing a faux GPS joystick application.

  • We tend to don’t seem to be certain if the appliance can work properly in your device. it should have an effect on the default setting of your device or each robot or iPhone.
  • The quantity of malicious sites has been exaggerated, and that we have to be compelled to defend ourselves from them. For your safety, the positioning will be illegal and support your location. Mocking your location will give them access to the info of your device. Assume before gap any website whereas employing a faux GPS app with a joystick.
  • Your robot or iOS device might act albeit you uninstall the faux GPS app from your iPhone or robot smartphone.
  • It’s not permissible to try and do this therefore your account on a location-based app or game will get illegal for spoofing your location.

Easy to change GPS location on Android

All web browsers have default access to the user’s IP address, but it can be masked using a VPN service. However, the vast majority of mobile apps use GPS location data to track users instead of IP addresses. With our new solution, physical location data can be changed by maneuvering. If you have recently updated your Android application, in the settings you should find an option to virtually change your actual GPS location by connecting to one of the VPN server locations. The principle of operation of the function is simple: when GPS spoofing is activated, any application’s request to access the user’s physical coordinates will be overridden by the coordinates of the selected VPN server. To illustrate this, a web service that wants to access the user’s GPS data will see that the user is, for example, in the US rather than their actual location, the UK. The primary purpose of the GPS spoofing functionality is to give its user the ability to monitor their digital presence and prevent the unsolicited exploitation of their location data for marketing and other purposes,” adds Naomi Hodges. The GPS spoofing feature is the latest addition to our privacy protection toolkit. Includes CleanWeb malware blocker, ads, and trackers, Dr. Fone Alert data breach alert system, Dr. Fone Search private and ad-free search tool, and free TrustDNS DNS solver.

Teleport wherever you wish to

The users will alter their location quickly with the “Teleport” choice from the map. Besides one will faucet on the icon set within the third place from the highest of the joystick. Now, kind the coordinates of the place wherever you purpose to shift.

For the iOS users, dr. fone virtual location is the right application for spoofing the situation. The guide to a faux location with this software system is as follows:

Step 1: Run the app

Install the Dr.fone application and run it for victimization with its faux GPS joystick iOS tool. Click on the “Virtual Location” feature and connect your iPhone to the pc. Once everything looks ok, click on “Get Started”.

Step 2: transport to a location

Your current locations are going to be displayed on the map once your device gets recognized. For spoofing location, click on the icon of “Teleport Mode” set at the third position on the top-right. Hunt for any location by typewriting its name. Besides, you’ll give coordinates to vary your location.

Step 3: alter the location

Move the pin at the place you wish. You’ll rivet or zoom out if any downside is going on. Once you are in the proper location, click on the “Move here” button.

Step 4: Simulate device movement

The app offers the prospect to simulate the device movement. Click on the one-stop or multi-stop icon given at the top-right corner. This way, you’ll imply at over one place to form a route. At last, choose the number of times you wish to hide the route and select a speed for walk or jog. However, for employing a GPS joystick for spawning your location, you’ll click on the all-time low left corner of the screen.

Why would you fake your location?

There are many things wherever you can find a fake GPS location, each for fun and alternative reasons. Maybe you would like to tweak your location so that some kind of geological dating app thinks you are 100 miles away – great if you are about to move somewhere and want to induce the geological dating game. Spoofing your location can also generate gameplay if you’re using a location-based game like Pokémon GO. Rather than actually having to travel many miles away to select a special Pokémon type, you can trick your phone into telling Pokémon GO that you are already there, and also the game may assume that your fake location is correct. Other reasons to align a mock GPS location could be if you want to “travel” to Dubai and get to a place to eat you’ve never been to, or visit a landmark to trick your Facebook friends into thinking you’re on a wacky vacation. Also, you can use your fake GPS location to fool your family or friends in your location sharing app, to cover your real location from applications that request it, and even to align your real location if the GPS satellites are not doing a good job. I work to find you. Changing the location of your phone is most likely not enough if you are desperate to access geo-restricted websites. For that, you are comfortably using a VPN.


Covering everything associated with victimization faux GPS Joystick wasn’t straightforward, however, we’ve extra nearly everything to assist you in employing a faux GPS Joystick app. Moreover, we’ve seen craze the AR games and therefore coal apps so we will perceive however badly they have a guide to spoof location within the location most handily. In spite of that device you own, the strategies given here works for any device you wish.


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