Guide to writing about technology like a specialist

Guide to writing about technology like a specialist

In this guide, we will give you tips on how to write about topics like technology and innovation for blogs and digital content strategies.

Write for us Technology Guidelines:

One of the great advantages of being a copywriter is being able to vary the topics you write about. Routine is a word that doesn’t even pass close to our dictionary and every day we have different challenges.

However, a successful writer must prepare to be able to develop any topic, even those that he never imagined writing about.

And to help you in this endeavor, we created this post that will show you how to become a master at one of the most in-demand topics for a copywriter: technology and innovation! Read on and learn all it takes to be a tech-trained web writer.

Why learn to write about technology?

Have you noticed that almost everything we do today involves some kind of recent technology? Successful innovations are no longer just new versions of our notebooks and smartphones, they have flooded the most common tasks in our routine.

Digital transformation

This is a process that in the business world is known as digital transformation and consists of the migration by a company from the analog to the digital world, in a large number of processes and functions with the aim of increasing its competitiveness and performance.

That means that more and more companies are offering the most varied innovative products and services. There are companies that offer management software for other companies, applications that compare prices, appliances that cook themselves, among others.

New business

There are a lot of new businesses emerging in this context. After all, cutting edge technology is always a useful component in solving our problems. And with that, the companies also aim to sell these solutions.

Content Marketing

And to sell better, in the digital world, any company needs Content Marketing. The question is: who will help you create content that really delights your audience? The answer is very simple: you, copywriter.

That is why today we cannot leave such an important and fundamental topic as “technology” off the writing list for freelancers.

But, in the end, there is no use just being an enthusiast in the area! Every topic has its quirks, and before you’re a copywriting nerdyou need to understand what best practices are when it comes to writing about technology and innovation.

Search technology trends

To start, you should know what the main technological trends of the moment are. One of the coolest things about technology is that much of it revolves around the same tools.

For example, someone develops a new algorithm that can be used to create the most diverse software. It is your role as a copywriter to know everything (or almost everything) about this algorithm so that you are prepared when a client requests a text about it – for sure, at some point, they will!

Next, we will look at the top trends that are always making the rounds on tech blogs!

write for us tech

Big data

At all times we are entering new data on the network and we are not talking only about personal data. In addition to these, there is also navigation data, preferences of the websites we visit, products we search, etc.

This large amount of information, if stored and systematically analyzed, can lead to the creation of incredible products and services. This is exactly what Big Data is all about.

Handling so much data requires a lot of memory from the used equipment, intense processing skills, and challenging code. After all, creating a self-learning computer or a “self-driving” car is not possible, yet, for simple systems.

Therefore, the analysis of all this data is a way to create standards and generate value for companies around the world that want to better understand how consumers behave.

Internet of things

IoT ( Internet of Things ) is the technology that connects machines with machines, making them talk to each other and make decisions that make our routine simpler.

It is the connection of objects through the Internet, either your phone connected to your refrigerator or your GPS talking to the electronic door of your house to notify you that you are arriving.

The possibilities are endless and the forecast is that by the end of this decade we will have more than 200 million different products interacting with the web. That is, we are more than when it comes to studying about IoT!


Bitcoin was the first fully digital currency to gain popularity, and its market has been growing larger in recent years. Many buy bitcoins to invest since, when it was created, the unit of bitcoin cost less than the US $ 1 and in 2016 it had already risen to the US $ 900. Its updated value is approximately US $ 10,000.

Similar to money printing, bitcoin is mined (in an allusion to gold mining) by means of a decentralized network of computers.

In addition to being the most profitable investment for two consecutive years – 2015 and 2016 – it has been considered an interesting alternative to the currency as we know it. Whether it’s for or against, a tech writer needs to know about this!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing or cloud computing is no longer a new trend, but a reality of the present. Today, more and more companies are strengthening their virtual infrastructures by understanding the millions of advantages that this model provides.

We also already use cloud computing when saving a google drive, dropbox or another file. That is why you should be vigilant because more news in the “world of the cloud” will continue to emerge in the coming years.


Have you heard of smartwatches that do much more than show us the time and even allow us to monitor our heart rate? They are just one example of wearables, which is the technology applied to the items we wear.

Big companies like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei have invested in such launches.

Although the prices are not yet so attractive, it is very likely that wearable computing will gradually gain space in our daily lives. Therefore, this is one of the trends you should be aware of!

Common media terms

The world of technology is full of words and terms specific to the medium. Those who are used to it naturally recognize the meaning of the terms. But if you are just entering the technological world, it may be that you are not so familiar, that is why we have separated some of the most common terms in the world of technology so that you can create your text with a language familiar to the buyer persona. Continue reading!

  • Bots : they are robots that work generating automatic responses to all kinds of questions asked by the user.
  • Data center : environment designed to house servers and other components such as storage systems and network assets.
  • Devops : methodology to develop software that seeks to maximize the results of the IT team.
  • ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning in English, (translated Business Resource Planning) is a business management system used in almost all businesses in the world.
  • Scalability : ability of a structure or system to grow and meet your increased demands without losing the quality of service.
  • Firewall : a set of programs and hardware that prevents unauthorized people from accessing your network.
  • Gateway : a computer connecting two or more networks that use different means of communication.
  • ITIL : Information Technology Infrastructure Library (translated) Information Technology Infrastructure Library . It is a set of information on best practices for managing IT services.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P): meaning peer-to-peer, it is a network architecture where each of the linked points (also known as nodes) work simultaneously as a client and as a server, as in the case of torrents.
  • SaaS : means software as service is a way of marketing a software in which the provider is responsible for the entire structure required for the availability of the system.
  • VPN : Virtual Private Network in English , is a private communication network.

Common reader profiles

As we all know, the buyer persona is essential for advertising writing. It is here we want to reach. Consequently, it is necessary to know her, understand how she behaves, and what is her favorite language. Without it, we run the risk of writing something that won’t educate her or move her up the sales funnel.

Therefore, we separate the profile of the main buyer personas when the subject of the text is Technology. Check them out below and learn how to create lovely text:


The Chief Information Officer is the Director of Information Technology of a company. He is the one who makes the organization’s technology investment decisions and his responsibility is to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The CIO, in general, is over 40 years old and requires a more professional tone in the texts he reads.

Despite the technical knowledge that he has, his work routine is management. The texts that attract him the most are those that focus on explaining the benefits and advantages that technology can bring to projects, businesses and investments.


He’s kind of a nerd. It is that person who enjoys technology for pleasure, without necessarily working with it. Generally, their age group is between 20 and 35 years old and they have already completed – or are completing – their graduation.

They are super connected people and very linked to new technologies. They are not always professionals in the field, but they are certainly large consumers of innovative products and services

They enjoy testing, researching, and reading on the subject. You are always up-to-date on top technology innovations and how they can make your life easier. The language here is less formal and more personal.

IT manager

If the CIO has strategic competencies, the IT manager is a company’s tactical planner. They have greater contact with the technical part, organization, and management of operations, and systematic improvements.

Therefore, these managers must understand the way that new technologies work because it is a good way to suggest projects and justify the need for new investments. They are generally in tune with the world of technology and consume a lot of information on the internet.

However, their language is not as formal given the executive role of this position. On average, they are professionals under the age of 40, who like content that gives them arguments to bring a proposal to the board of directors.


The developer is a professional who executes, it is a more technical profile focused on building and shaping projects.

That is why these people prefer an informal text tone, almost their own language – they are very familiar with the technical terms that circulate through blogs in specific areas.

Developers are great users of technology, therefore it is a type of public extremely sensitive to the efficiency of an explanation.

For that reason, when writing for a developer, focus on creating value in the first few paragraphs and don’t waste time with accessory content.


Tech companies are likely to have a strong online presence. Therefore, it is normal that in this branch, organizations have strategies. With the speed of innovation, it is difficult to find professional writers to satisfy the entire market.

Ghostwriters from technology and innovation companies are not very common. Consequently, the job supply in this niche is more selected and the earnings are higher than average!

Therefore, thoroughly study the content presented in this post and consult the area references.  visit the Write for us


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