Gaming Glossary: Terms and Acronyms Every Gamer Should Know

Gaming Glossary: Terms and Acronyms Every Gamer Should Know

Gaming Glossary: If you’ve ever listened to gamers talk you probably noticed that there’s a lot of gaming slangs not many outside of that world understand. This comes as a no surprise as every niche out there has their own slangs and acronyms. However, it can become a bit frustrating not to know what people around you are talking about.

To gamers with serious experience, this way of speaking has become second nature. That’s why most of them don’t even realize how often they’re using it. What this means is that, if you want to enter the gaming world, you’ll need to do a bit of research. Learning a thing or two about the gaming glossary will help you navigate the gaming realm more easily. That said, here are some well-used terms and acronyms every gamer should know.

Basic terms in gaming glossary

As you may presume, every niche in the gaming world has a plethora of its own terms and acronyms. However, there are a few expressions used throughout the gaming world as a whole. By getting to know these terms first, you’ll have a much easier time understanding anything you come across later. For instance, if you look up games online, you’ll find plenty of acronyms. These include MMO, MMORPG, MOBA, RTS, and many others. These acronyms are used to describe the type of game in question. So, getting to know them all will seriously help you in case you’re looking to explore a particular type of game.

In-game acronyms

Aside from these, you will also come across TLDR (too long, didn’t read), AFK (away from keyboard), BBS or BRB (be back soon / be right back), and so on. The second type of acronyms is usually used in-game to quickly convey a message. That’s why getting to know them better can seriously enhance your gaming experience.

Why are they important and how to use them?

If you think about it, proper knowledge and the use of acronyms are really important in the gaming culture. As mentioned earlier, they’re usually used to quickly convey a message. When you’re deep into a game, you really don’t have lots of time to write long sentences to your team or game mates. Instead, you’ll opt for a short version that basically means the same thing. GG, for instance, stands for “good game”. And even though it’s not necessary to write it after a good game, it shows that you’re quite happy with the outcome.

These terms and acronyms play a huge role in multiplayer games that focus heavily on team play. That’s why you can most commonly find them in MMOs, MMORPGs, and different MOBA games.

Gaming Glossary

Do all gaming spheres have their own gaming glossary?

The short answer is yes. Gaming glossary is quite rich, and it stretches throughout the entire gaming industry. Sure, depending on the type of games and the gaming styles, not all terms are the same. As we’ve already mentioned, in some games it’s important to be quick and precise in conveying a message. In some other games, you’ll even use terms to describe players themselves. That’s why, for instance, in the online casino industry, there are numerous terms that describe the type of player. For instance, in the online casino world, daring and bold players are called high rollers. What this means is that they’re not looking to make moves that will bring them insignificant profit. Instead, they opt for bolder moves that can potentially bring better winnings. When participating in a casino game, players usually like to know who they’re up against. That’s why this sphere is richer in terms used to describe players, rather than the game.

The toxicity in gaming glossary

Whenever there’s any type of human interaction, you can expect some negativity. That’s why it’s important to mention that the gaming glossary is full of toxic terms as well. For instance, gamers won’t be too shy to call someone a “noob”. The term “noob” originated from the word “newbie”. A “newbie” is someone who has just started playing the game in question. So, they’re still not familiar with how the system works. A “noob” is someone who is not good at what they’re doing, no matter how long they’ve been playing. Gamers use the term “noob” in a derogatory sense when they want to insult someone’s gameplay. And even though it’s not the worst type of online bullying, it’s still not justifiable. A “camper”, “rally bot” or “slacker” are also common negative terms used to describe other players.

What to do with this knowledge

Of course, if you try to sit down and learn all of these terms at once, chances are you’ll go insane. The easiest way to learn these terms is through experience. No gamer in the world was familiar with all the acronyms as soon as they’ve started the game. So, you absolutely should not try to do the same. Instead, find the game you’re interested in and start playing. Over time, using these terms and acronyms will become your second nature. But, no matter what you do, try to be kind, especially to new players.

Gamers tend to forget quite easily their own beginnings. Which, most commonly, leads to unnecessary negativity. And since we all play games to boost our mood and have a good time, the negativity in the gaming world is the last thing we need.

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