Hiring Custom Software Developers in a Broken Hiring World

Hiring Custom Software Developers in a Broken Hiring World

Great developers are hard to find, especially in the current tech landscape. That’s because programming is a specialized field that requires a specific skill set. However, it’s also because software development is a rapidly-changing craft that’s only getting more difficult to master. 

The good news is that demand for software engineers is on the rise. The bad news is that companies must battle a broken hiring system to find great talent. 

This unfortunately means that many businesses find themselves suffering through the excruciating process of searching, recruiting, and hiring of their own in-house custom software developer or dev team while there’s a global talent shortage and many other challenges.

The Broken Hiring System

“Broken” has become a buzzword surrounding the current hiring system, but there’s good reason for that, at least in the tech world. The talent shortage helped create a world where hiring the right people is more difficult than ever. Many companies use artificial Intelligence to prescreen their job applicants, which, if implemented incorrectly, can prevent millions of people from finding work. For example, in some cases, this AI also discriminates against candidates based on gender. 

The automated processes used for hiring make the process more like winning the lottery rather than judging candidates based on their skills, experience, and overall fit for the job. With the additional layer of difficulty surrounding hiring a custom software developer for a role due to a lack of applicants, this hiring process makes things rather unpredictable and unreliable.

What Can Companies Do?

Hiring managers do the research and generally know the type of person they’re looking for. Then they must put together the interview and screening process. When done correctly, this helps eliminate non-fitting candidates quickly while assessing those moving to the next interview round for the ideal skills and experience.

However, many companies and hiring managers still struggle with this as interviews commonly go awry or are generally disorganized. This frustrates the interviewees, who ultimately end up not wanting to accept a position. Meanwhile, businesses must scramble to organize and regroup after a rejection.

To prevent these issues, companies should enlist the help of specialized hiring managers for their niche or business vertical, choose to work with a staffing or recruiting agency that can put in the leg work for them or forgo the process entirely and partner with a quality software development outsourcing firm.

Outsourcing providers offer exceptional benefits for companies in need of software development or general IT work. These businesses pride themselves on staffing the top experts in their specialized fields to create internal teams dedicated to their clients. This means companies don’t have to spend valuable time, resources, and effort trying to search for candidates to then endure the broken hiring system.

What’s Next?

Due to many factors, including the broken hiring system and talent shortage on a global scale, businesses must prepare to go the extra mile when it comes to hiring new developers or IT professionals for their in-house team. It’s a significant amount of work to hire a new employee in general, let alone find one in 2022 and beyond. 
Competition for technology talent is fierce. In a job market where software engineers can potentially field multiple job offers at once or qualified candidates get turned down based on poor AI screening solutions, the hiring process is broken – and it’s up to those in charge of hiring to fix it.

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