Crypto investments have always been seen as high-risk investments; the fact is that their VOLATILITY is the main reason why many large and small investors postpone their investments in cryptocurrencies waiting for a change in the adoption of these financial instruments. Visit at:

There are several cases in which people have lost even millionaire amounts in CRYPTOCURRENCIES; many cases may be due to bad investing practices and others forgetting their access information.

Whatever the option, it represents a risk for the digital financial market, even more so when it is in the eye of the hurricane after being considered the ideal instrument not only for tax evasion but also for money laundering.

All types of investment represent risks, but if we add to this misuse of LEVERAGE or trading strategies, the result will be much worse; it is necessary to be very clear about this; not all risks are exposed by the market.

The maximum loss depends on the capital.

When you start investing in cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to consider minimum investment amounts; many of the EXCHANGE OR BROKER PLATFORMS offer a minimum deposit amount of $10, which seems minor but should be enough to start.

Thanks to the technological innovations offered by these platforms, you can first carry out any operation in a demo or practice account. After that, you have capital of up to 10,000 dollars with which you can operate.

Although the capital is not real money, it is the perfect tool to carry out the different investment strategies and thus be able to calculate the risk to which we are willing to expose ourselves, including the capital that we may lose.

The maximum loss is in the hands of the user; it is always recommended to investors that the investment percentage should be equivalent to 10% of the available capital; that is, if you have 100 dollars, you should make investments for a total amount of 10 dollars.

When investing, there is so much insistence on taking emotions into consideration; greed is not a good adviser, so one must be in an emotional state of tranquility when allocating capital.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are always compared to a roller coaster, something that is not false since the values ​​of these currencies are usually constantly changing, directly affecting investments and possible profits or losses.

The most common risks when trading cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been characterized from the moment of their creation as volatile financial instruments since they are in a market where the values ​​of crypto assets fluctuate suddenly and forcefully.

These fluctuations are subject to the supply and demand of the digital market and the news that is generated concerning cryptocurrencies; depending on the trend of the information, the displacements in the supply and demand curves will be affected positively or negatively.

According to finance specialists, another risk that is run when investing in cryptocurrencies is the lack of regulation or legality.

They have been provided as a bridge to carry out exchange operations where money laundering and money laundering are the protagonists.

In many cases, this lack of regulation is also because there are no entities that can control or monitor the operations carried out through the blockchain; only the users have this power.

The possibility that information and funds capitalized through cryptocurrency investments could be hacked is another risk that puts many on the alert when investing.

Whether this situation occurs also depends on the exchange platforms and wallets in which the user usually places their trust; that is, there are currently many Exchanges or brokers that offer maximum security.

Each step that is taken in this digital financial market requires making the right decisions; remember, you should not fall into sites of dubious reputation; the users themselves are the ones who are responsible for accounting for the quality and security of the platforms.

Computer attacks are everywhere; malicious people are waiting for a newbie to make a false step, so you must be observant.


Although they are characteristics that are part of the digital financial market and digital currencies, capital losses and risks do not mean that it is what defines this market.Every action has its consequence, and those who issue the shares are the investors, so the gains, losses, and risks to which they are exposed users only depend on them since the market are volatile enough to add more points against it.


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