Secret behind Bitcoin’s high valuation

Secret behind Bitcoin’s high valuation

Bitcoins happen to be the most sought after cryptocurrency in the world. The rush among the youth and users to get some of these crypto currency’s price in their pockets is due to the finite number of Bitcoins. Yes, there are only 21 million bitcoins available in the market, out of which 17 million is already in circulation. The day, the miners mine out the last bitcoin as in the 21 millionth BTC, no other person or expert can be able to mine out more Bitcoins. Now that you are getting a fair idea about the world’s most adaptive and popular cryptocurrency, read this article to understand why are bitcoins so highly valued. 


The world economy was facing a recession in 2008-2009 and this made the market very volatile. Many people lost their jobs and with the Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy the housing bubble burst which made things worse. This was the background when a group of liberalists came together and introduced the modern, paperless, decentralized cryptocurrencies to maintain a harmonious balance in the financial world. With the decentralization of the system and not being affiliated to any organisation, bank, or religious sentiment, cryptocurrencies are valued very highly. Over the last few years, the valuation has increased a lot and it has garnered investments from all corners of the world. Unlike gold, mutual funds and money other forms of investment, bitcoins are regulated and finite in number. Hence everyone wants to own bitcoins and increase their savings as it is valued highly today. Read more about the evolution of bitcoins in

Best for investment

Since its inception, bitcoins have fought many battles to be accepted. Based on blockchain technology, this cryptocurrency has grown over the period. This technology enables all transactions to be verified and validated. However, a strong internet connection is necessary for serving the tasks. Once a transaction is done the same is chronologically recorded and cannot be reversed. Hence there is never a crisis as far as ownership of bitcoins is concerned. Bitcoin trading offers various types of investment and trading schemes like long-term trading and the short-term trading or day trading.The mode of trading depends entirely on your aims and targets regarding earning returns from the investments. If you want to earn good profit returns instantly, then you can go for short-term trading. But if you want to earn some greater value from your investments, then you can go for long term trading as well. When it was launched in 2008 the value for one bitcoin was 0.09$ and today it has reached 22,311.80 USD. As per experts, this is bound to increase with each passing year. Reputable investors all across the globe are adapting to this crypt and investing in it. Bitcoins are highly valued for their ever-increasing price and the fact that it is one of the most used cryptos online. Unlike altcoins, which are very risky and volatile, bitcoins are far more stable.

Price history

Did you know that when the bitcoin was introduced its valuation was hardly anything? People were very apprehensive about using bitcoins as a digital currency because it was not acceptable in the online marketplace. With the recession looming large and the sentiments being low, no one was ready to invest money in bitcoins. The price of bitcoin began to rise in 2011 and from $1 it jumped to $2.05 by mid-November. This was the beginning of the rise of bitcoins and since then the price has exponentially increased investors have been extremely happy as their investments have yielded great results. The scenario changed a lot in 2016 when bitcoins reached the price of $900 by end of the year. In fact, on social media, there were many conversations regarding bitcoins, their legal implication and whether it was a scam.

In 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, there was a decrease in the price of bitcoins as people lost jobs and many died due to this virus.   But as the economy improved, the price of bitcoins began to rise again. Over the years, the prices of bitcoins have appreciated and it is a great category to invest in. You should be aware of the rules, legal implications and income tax returns. Supply and demand affect the prices of bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is quite a task and it is not easy to access bitcoins now. Invest in good mining software so that you can discover new bitcoins and increase your investment portfolio. 


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