11 Tips to INSTANTLY Improve in Spellbreak – Tips and Tricks

11 Tips to INSTANTLY Improve in Spellbreak – Tips and Tricks

Spellbreak is battle royale’s version of a fantasy magic game infused in its typical intense fighting game. This latest release is slightly different from the battle royale games you may have played as it includes magical powers and fantasy.

Released in September 2020, the game has gone on to rack in hours of gameplay from gamers across different platforms. This is a testament to its amazing gameplay coupled with the unique magical features.

If you’re like many, looking to enjoy this game and become a good player; there are things you can do to improve your skills in spellbreak.

Since the game is relatively new, you’ve not been completely left behind by the pros. With the right knowledge, you can get your game together and start magically slicing enemies in the game.

These tips can quickly make you better:

  1. Know How to Use Your Element

At the start of a round in spellbreak, players will have to choose a class element from the 6 available elements in the game. What this means is players will have the abilities of that element.

Players will also be able to pick up other abilities in-game. All the abilities in the game vary in terms of effects, damage, and overage usage. So, if you must become better, you must know how to properly use the abilities you have.

  1. Pick Up Supplementing Abilities

Players get to pick a second ability along the way separate from their class ability. It is advised you pick abilities that can match your class ability as this will make your hit stronger.

Varying your abilities too much will give you basic powers but having two abilities that can work together to cause maximum damage? Explosive!

  1. Stay on the Move

One of the most underrated ways of staying alive is staying on the move. Constantly moving will make you a harder target for your enemies.

There are different ways in the game to stay moving; explore the different options and use them interchangeably for unpredictability.

  1. Hide in the Background

You can go unnoticed by hiding in the background. Crouching in the corners and bushes can give you a considerable amount of cover, enough for most enemies not to notice.

Bear in mind that you cannot hide forever; you will have to come out and fight at some point, but hiding affords you some time.

  1. Health Potions and Armor Shards are Important

Pick up and take health portions and armor shards whenever you have the opportunity. These potions will renew your health when you’re hit and protect you from damage.

One unique feature of these potions is that they can work in advance. They come into effect when next you need them.

  1. There is no Complete Invisibility

In this game, there is nothing like complete invisibility. You or your enemies can still see an outline of the invisible character by carefully observing the area.

Invisibility is not useless though as you can go unnoticed most of the time when using this power.

  1. Play Around in Practice Mode

If you want to get a good grip of the game, practice mode is your best bet. While you may not enjoy the in-game intensity, you will learn how the different elements work, which elements combine well with the others, and many more gaming tricks.

  1. Carefully Choose a Landing Spot

Players get the opportunity to choose their landing spot on the map when starting the game. The spot you choose will determine your start to the game.

Choosing a location close to the center of the map will most likely guarantee meeting lots of enemies and very few supplies to loot. Dropping off at the edge of the map on the other hand may afford you a slower start and more supplies to pack.

  1. Take Warning Signals from Your Surroundings

Your surroundings will naturally warn you when an opponent is preparing a powerful spell. You’ll need to pay attention and react quickly to avoid being hit.

The weather can give away impending ice or lightning spells, or the earth trembling when a stone spell is incoming.

  1. Use Rune Occasionally to Conserve Mana

Mana is an important part of your journey in spell break, you need to use it efficiently as it gets depleted easily. To do this, switch to your rune when your mana is running low to allow it to recover quickly.

  1. Use Cheats

Sometimes you may just want to jump the process and play like a pro almost immediately. If this is the case, using spellbreak cheats will help you cut through enemies with breathtaking spells and skills.


If you enjoy a bit of magic and fantasy put in the classic fighting game, you’ll love this latest battle royale release.

Join its teeming players and see what spells you can conjure.


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