Things to know before buying expired domain

Things to know before buying expired domain

Expired domains are the domains that are basically of no use. This is because the owners either forget to re-register or renew their domain names, or they simply find no more use of them, and these are just left as it is. Thus, such leftover or used domains, that have been expired, are of no value.

There are many such websites and website worth checker tools that help users to search for the expired domains and get exact domain value respectively. Although one can buy an expired domain, it might not pose that much profit, as it was already used by someone else before. Thus, it is a type of using second-hand products, that may not pose that much value. But it’s not always the same. You can also get benefitted from them if they are not renewed by the existing user.

Why people prefer to buy expired domain names?

Basically, the expired domain names are already well seen and recognized by web browsers. Also, if you plan to build your website on an already established and expired domain, it will help to reduce the sandbox time and you might get a great head start to run your new venture.

Even if the people are not interested to build a new site on the expired domain, yet they have the benefit to make use of the expired domain’s authority. This can be easily done by purchasing an expired domain, then rebuilding it, and then making it 301 redirected to the main site.

But there are a few things to know before buying an expired domain. You have to keep the following things in mind:

  1. DA/PA of the domain should be checked before you purchase

    it – DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority. These are the two very important factors that would help to find the quality of the expired or deleted domains.

  2. The domain should be checked by using Google banned checker

    This is an equally vital factor to check before purchasing any expired domain. It is because, even if you see that a particular domain is good looking and has a very high DA and PA, but what if Google has already banned it? If you get to know about this after you purchase an expired or deleted domain, what will you do? Your money has already gone! So, you must make sure that the particular domain is not banned.

  3. Examine the Google AdSense ban before buying the domain – You can find a variety of expired domains which have been banned by Google AdSense. If you are planning to rebuild your website on an already expired domain, this makes sure to make this the first step before you purchase that domain. Thus, you have to be at most sure that if you are planning to buy an expired or a deleted domain, it must not be banned, and should be accepted by Google AdSense!
  4. Make sure to check the website’s archive

    Although you must already have an idea of the above-mentioned points, there might be a new thing for you! Click on ‘Archive’ and apply your URL of the domain there. This is very important because this helps you to know what kind of website was running on the existing domain while it was in use. This would also help you understand and know how the previous website on the domain looked like.

  5. Do ensure to check the Chinese Backlinks as well –You can check this part with the help of Ahrefs. This way your domain name would be put in the Ahrefs site and move into the section of ‘Backlinks’. This is vital to know because there are many expired domains that are heavily spammed with the Chinese Backlinks. If you find many anchors’ text on it with different languages, and see many Chinese Backlinks, try to avoid purchasing that domain.

Therefore, these are some of the vital things to know before buying an expired domain. I hope this article helped you in many ways and you would make sure to follow the guidelines and not let yourselves trap in!


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