The unfavorable development that the US economy has presented becomes darker when confronted with the growth and performance of bitcoin this year visit at:

Since last April, inflation in the North American country has not fallen below 4 points. On the contrary, Bitcoin has experienced a significant increase, around 350%, over the current year.

BITCOIN, the most important cryptocurrency in the market, has a capitalization more significant than 1.2 Billion dollars. Several of the most expert analysts in this field deduct new highs long before the end of the year.

Bad Economic Situation Gives No Hope in the US

The predictions of economic analysts regarding this situation in the US economy are not very favorable, to say the least. By this time, many economists took it for granted that the inflation indicators would begin to decline; however, information was left uncovered that emphasizes a very different level.

At this time, bitcoin, the most outstanding CRYPTOCURRENCY, boasts its current record of 70 thousand dollars per coin; inflation eats the United States economy and not grow; it is predicted that by the end of the year, the year-on-year inflation rate will be of 7%, it could be the highest in this country in the last 30 years.

Information media and statistical organizations demarcate that this is the highest inflation that the US economy has experienced since the 90s; the United States of America president, Joe Biden, declared himself at war to bring down inflation and reduce inflation rates. It will be one of the goals most pursued by the president during his government.

Biden assured that reversing this terrible economic situation is one of the most important and main priorities for him as a person and for his administration since he recognized that these inflationary levels have a significant impact on the pockets of citizens.

Biden his statements and economic laws do not seem to agree on much in the same direction; he is very far from resuming the economic course that Donald Trump had established in the White House since he has only reinforced the increase in public spending and the monetary issue, in reaction to the crisis generated by the pandemic and the anxiety of improving services and infrastructure.

Bitcoin and Stocks Rising and Green

The movement of rising shares was seen in the markets, with which bitcoin maintains a very particular interaction, as disclosed by the cryptographic firsts portals; this rise is a result of the notifications made by the president of the central bank of the USA, Jerome Powell, in a meeting with the Senate in early January.

In this hearing, the continuity of the plan to control inflation and maintain stability in the economy without causing disappointments was confirmed; this caused security and confidence in investors. Although the inflation figures remained stable, this was expected by economists. According to the news portal Bloomberg, it evaluates and predicts that year-on-year inflation could be 7%.

Analysts and experts indicate that Bitcoin was in negotiation based on the stock market, in recent weeks, based on investors who conform to the Federal Reserve protocols to strengthen financial conditions, starting first in two years.

The proof of this economic current is the interaction for a hundred days between Bitcoin and the actions sponsored by the S&P 500, which managed to obtain a value of around 0.50, the highest amount since the middle of last year, while the relationship for 60 days received 0.54 a little higher since the year 2010.

When a correlation is positive, the assets develop and move in similar directions, unlike a negative correlation which indicates movement in opposite and opposite directions.


Currently, the US economy has faltered and has undergone changes that have reached limits and very high levels of distrust for investors, leading them to be part of other economic possibilities that offer excellent benefits and advantages, such as cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is its maximum expression, the most coveted and successful digital currency of the moment, which has reached a great revaluation and a very significant rise.

Experts and analysts indicate that in mid-2021, Bitcoin was related to the macroeconomic environment. According to the price rises or falls, news about the Federal Reserve, the development and expansion of Covid 19, and inflation manifestations are issued, among the other facts.

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