Visiting America for the first time

Visiting America for the first time

Australia is a large country and the smallest continent at the same time. Did you know that Australia is actually smaller than USA, though its approximately the same size as the continental part of America? The main difference comes from the large diversity of American landscape, climate, time zones, and many more cities and people. Both countries have similar cultures, but the United States will surprise you if you are coming for the first time.

For Australian citizens to get into the US, they need to apply for ESTA Australia. Since 2009, Australia and other countries in the Visa Waiver program have a simple and straightforward way to get travel authorization to visit the US for up to 90 days. Travelers should fill the ESTA detailed online questionnaire, and the American administration takes around three days to process the application. If you fail to get ESTA approval, you can still go and ask traditional Visa.

10 days in the USA

Let us say you are staying for ten days in the US, which is not enough by all accounts. Here are some suggestions on what to visit first. You will probably fly to the west coast, and there are three possible entry points worth considering. Los Angeles is the largest city west of the Rockies, a center of the entertainment industry, known for huge beaches and many attractions and places to see.

San Francisco is a gorgeous city in the Northern part of California where you can experience tech startups’ culture and established Silicon Valley players, enjoy incredible views on Golden Gate, and soak hipster culture, world-class cuisine, and numerous landmarks and attractions.

Seattle is another excellent starting point on the west coast with its incredible culture, incredible music history. Look at the stunning surrounding landscape from the Space Needle or drink coffee in Starbucks’ birthplace.

You might consider the west coast roadtrip, which can be done in 10 days or starts Route 66 from its endpoint on Santa Monica Pier. The Mother of Roads is an excellent way to find out about the real America.

Great places in America

Most US states have great cities worth visiting, and such a large country is filled with natural beauty. Besides large west coast cities, visiting the US without seeing New York would be weird. The Big Apple, a city that never sleeps with an iconic skyline, art deco masterpiece in Empire State Building, Central Park, the vibe of the relentless metropolis and countless places to see, meals to eat, and cocktails to drink on Manhattan rooftop bars.

Chicago is the centerpiece and entry point to Midwest. A huge city with another incredible skyline, iconic parks, top-rated cuisine, and a music scene. Suppose you seek warmer weather, head down to Miami and visit incredible South Beach with a huge beach, great boardwalk, and well-preserved art deco neighborhood. You can try the eclectic taste of Cuban, Latino, and American cuisine, dance to salsa rhythms, and enjoy the Florida sun.

Deep South offers southern comfort food, a great climate, and cultural centers like Memphis, Nashville, and New Orleans.

Best National Parks

It is impossible to see all the best natural attractions in one visit. The biggest attractions are most visited at the same time so that you might expect big crowds. The obvious favorite is the Grand Canyon and its unique beauty.

Yosemite in California is home to impressive waterfalls, incredible rock formations, and giant sequoia trees. Yellowstone is the world’s first national park that stretches on a vast area of 2.2 million acres. You can experience geysers, hot springs, diverse animal life, including wolves, buffalos, and many others. There are high mountains, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

Grand Teton, Glacier, Zion, and Bryce Canyon national parks are other incredible must-see natural attractions. But even with them,it is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of great places to see in the US.

Places to hang out

If you do not want the haste of a packed itinerary, there are many cool places to chill and hang out. With its Mardi gras festivities, New Orleans, live street music, and hard to match food is a perfect place to relax and just enjoy.

Sit on the Venice, Malibu, or Santa Monica beach, look at the Pacific oceans, the crowds of people that work out and live around the coast. You can also grab a cocktail and look at the sea in Miami South Beach.

Go to the Memphis Beale Street, sit in the iconic bars, and listen to authentic live bands riding the great blues tradition.

Whatever you include in your US visit, you will need travel authorization. If you are wondering,what is ESTA? It isa permit to enter the US for people from Australia and 38 other countries. It is advised to get the approval before you make reservations. You need to have permission at least 72 hours before departure to the US.

Bottom line

If you are visiting America for the first time, the hardest thing will be determining which location to visit because there is so much to see in this huge country. Maybe you want to spend money in Las Vegas, or visit Disney World, Universal Studios or explore National parks? Hopefully, you can cram enough places and attractions in your US itinerary.


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