Is VMware the Best Security Tool for World’s Digital Infrastructure

Is VMware the Best Security Tool for World’s Digital Infrastructure

Vmware is one of the tools most in demand today when virtualization time has come. Virtualization is the process by which a resource is emulated, including a complete operating system, thus it needs to be a safe and proactive environment. VMware security tool’s fame is becoming legendary as it owns the hottest of novelties!

Virtualization, New Demands for the Future

The fluid and secure access to digital tools is a basic aspect in our present day, especially in the field of work. These demands present us today with a new and more ambitious challenge: to enable an efficient Remote Management Workspace, one that is capable of protecting the new world’s digital highways, not only today, but also in the transition to the next technology dimension, the Internet of Things, which just cannot wait to emerge on Earth.

A system capable of achieving such a transition, from the 4G platform to the Internet of Things, should be based on machine virtualization technology. Virtual machines (VMs) offer the possibility of running an entire operating system just as if it were installed on a physical server, but without being so, since these operating systems will run on one remote physical computing device, which is known as the host. VMware is the undisputed leader in virtualization, completely equipped and ready to provide you with what you need to manage every element of your virtual environment, such as Endpoints, subnets, all types of networks and platforms, diverse applications, data centers, the cloud, and ultimately the Internet of Things, all with specific demands, but don’t need to worry, you are granted the power to easily run any operating system that is installed on a remote physical machine, no matter the locality.

How secure is VMware’s virtual environment?

One of the challenges that, in view of this new virtual universe, decidedly arises, is that of security in the telecommunications environment of the future, where interconnection systems must support both human data packs and electronic expressions of AI objects, all in the same virtual universe, a tech dimension certainly still difficult to conceive today. Unparalleled as it is, the coming upgrade in science informatics is still a concept closer to the science fiction scenery.

There are, in fact, no precedent elements to our knowledge sufficient to picture in our minds such a conjunction of elements coming to life before our very eyes, giving us information like reading our minds and actually performing tasks for us, and among them. This is the IoT realm, and it is basically composed of two distinct ecosystems: the Consumer (CIoT) and the Industrial (IIoT). Both participants, in perfect synchronicity, actively inform each other, share ideas and collaborate in real time towards innovation objectives, taking advantage of different strategies, obtaining discrete ideal results. VMware is the tool ready to take the challenge to, safely, take us from the old to the new platform, from 4G town to the 5G realms.

In order to have an idea of how powerful the VMware firm is, let us bring just an example of this next level of security power. A high-level national security organization was commissioned the task of cracking VMware virtual machines, well, they went through a half year in a serious effort of splitting this Virtual Machine architecture. The story ended up with the highly trained security team implementing the system themselves.

Going to the essentials of a secure infrastructure, we need to point at the first element in demand: our IP address. This crucial element requires a dedicated channel of its own. The good news is, there are tools built for this in our 4G era. Yes, we are talking about VPN services and, the demand is increasing and so you may surely be deciding the best between cyberghost and expressvpn at this very moment because you know how to follow a good advice, which is key to success. VMware is a true wonder on its own, but needs the complementarity of a good VPN to make System Screen Sharing an agent that allows us to work on a secure virtual platform, or a multiplatform, as we go getting ready to step on the next evolution path; so remember, IP shielding comes first, as we go diving in 4G’s pool, preparing for the incredible 5G’s Oceans.

At this very moment, the ambitious goal of protecting the IT infrastructure, of armoring the increasingly vast and varied interactions between user and data, is becoming an incredibly complex task. As a first step, VMware will secure the digital workspace for a wide range of endpoints, including the IoT, managing security policies and allowing only authorized conditional access to mobile, web, cloud and windows apps.

Next, VMware’s virtual cloud network’s power will keep the digital labor field connected with the cloud, providing every subnet with a secure and consistent foundation within a range of solutions to make security intrinsic, just a natural happening. For instance, features like micro segmentation will reduce the attack vector to stop potential cyber threats in their very tracks, while automation will fix these issues and get you back on track in milliseconds, before an evil happening attempts to take it first step.

The latest advances in VMware Security

VMware’s Security level development never rests, and we have some hot and interesting news to back up why we believe it will continue to be the best security tool, as following:

  • VMware is fully equipped to enable real-time, over-the air Modern Management and Security automation of desktops and laptops, no matter how far they may physically be.
  • VMware Workspace Security now joins the incredible Virtualization package of this firm, a security tool that combines unified terminal management with the security platform.
  • VMware Carbon Black is a Next-Generation Endpoint Protection Platform capable of enabling organizations on a really proactive structure that stops more threats through its AI Engine, providing specific EDR capabilities designed to quickly identify root cause and kill any evil possibilities.
  • VMware Workspace ONE Simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device thanks to its intelligence-driven digital workspace platform. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management into a single platform.
  • Vmware Vsphere 7 is a major new release, a reformulated ESXI version which makes a truly magical improvement in the work experience of vSphere administrators
  • VMware software-defined data center is the digital infrastructure on which to build your Virtualization, which will be granted with a powerful, flexible and state of the art protection for your IT foundation.

We can rest assured VMware will never stop amazing us!


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