Web Design Process In 7 Simple Steps

Web Design Process In 7 Simple Steps

Creating a website is an easy option and it is available to every user who wants its benefits. web design process People say that it is easy but still many have different kinds of questions since there are numerous challenges present for creating a website. The conception web Montreal introduces one of the email techniques to create a beautiful website for the people according to the business.

Web designing professionals frequently think about the process involved since it is of technical oriented like coding, content management and other kinds of page layouts. Design is alone not an important concept here various the content and the other integrating facilities found on the website will make you easily get clicks and visuals through social media options. Website creation obviously matches with your strategic alignment.

Why web designing?

  • It creates an aesthetic sense to the visitors to get attracted to your website
  • People find it an easy option to know about the product, brand and company details.
  • Interactive visuals, contents and other kinds of text indications reach the audience successfully to create more leads.

If these are the important points that we have to remember in world web designing then we also should be focused on what kind of holistic nature that we should concentrate on building a website. There are many steps involved which we have to really know to incorporate doorsteps so that our goal and the ideology behind creating web design becomes a successful one.

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The web design process in 7 simple steps

  1. Identify goals

Before you create any kind of website using top eCommerce website builders or focus on web designing you have to understand the client’s expectation and analyze the goals that you have. After creating the website it should not become a mismatch option to the client and ultimately it will become a failure mode. This is why at the beginning itself it is informed to identify the goals and check out whether the website development gets a match the customer goals.

  • For whom the site is been created?
  • What actually the website is trying to communicate with the people?
  • Is it an e-commerce platform or to just enter time?

These are the basic identification that you are expected to do for goal identification.

  1. Define the scope

Once we are able to determine the clients’ goals then we have to estimate the scope of the project. Why the project scope is considered as a mandatory option because you can align the features of web pages accordingly and can also set a timeline to build a website.

2.1.Scope definition tools

2.1.1.      Gantt chart

This definitely helps to identify the timeline for the project and also can create a boundary to complete your deadline. This also provides an input for the design as well as the clients to be very focused on the task and their identified goals.

  1. Creating sitemap and wireframe

Identified the goals, defined the scope of the next process to create the sitemap and wireframe. You have to be very specific in the content included and the features should also match your scope so that it has a correlating effect and there are no misalignment structures get identified at the later.


  • Balsamiq
  • Moqups
  • Sketch
  • Axure
  • Webflow
  • Slickplan
  • Write maps
  1. Create clear contents

The report says that long content or too much stuffing on the website will definitely make the view skip the websites. Your web page should not allow the customers to skip any of your pages rather it should make them stay in a page for a longer period and also should create an attraction to move to the next page and that is absolutely possible through content. This is the big picture that we need to keep in mind: creating content is not an easy task but it always creates an opportunity for enhanced search engine optimization. Every single topic needs a focus and the vitality here is how real and how relevant your content is from one page to another page matters a lot.

  • Content encourages engagement and creates positive actions
  • Content access tool for search engine optimization


  • Google docs
  • Dropbox paper
  • Quip
  • Webflow CMS
  • Google keyword planner
  • Google trends
  1. Visual components

More than a content appeal, if people are really attracted to the architecture of the site and parallel to it content also gives hand to it then obviously you can brand your page visually. Do not have a high hope that which will alone can give you an option of clicks but it is also important to know that which will play a significant role. Expectations can change from client to client and the visual style of the picture should be definitely achievable and applicable. You can determine the tools like element colleges, style tiles, mood boards and others which will be an easy process.


  • Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Mood boards, element collages
  • Visual style guides
  1. Web testing

Everything is ready, the page is set and designers all created now it all needs confirmation how this website works. You have to include a combination of manual browsing and also as automated side crawling methods to identify whether the user is experiencing any kind of issues related to it. It depends upon the page loading, color, design, navigation and other kinds of structures that are also possible to explore through these web testing options.

6.1.Testing tools

  • W3C link checker
  • SEO spider
  1. Web launch

After your confirmation through the testing process now the final step is to launch a website. Time has come to plan, execute and launch your site in a successful way. Once you have decided to launch your plan then automatically you can calculate your timing and strategies of communication in the world. You also have to inform the world when you would be launching the page and what kind of methodology you are planning to choose to let the world know.


This will definitely provide you an option of identifying the stages to build a website yet we also have to know the intricacies involved in web development and web design. At the initial stages, you might find it a little hectic because you have to get data, make an interactive option with the users and many more options are there, but this is the basic step to identify and enhance your web clicks. If you feel that it is not possible to identify the web developer or Web designer there are a lot of chances to learn this web designing course and do as a freelancing job. Select the right academy or institute to pursue this web designing course in Chennai and equip me to be a successful web designer and web developer in the digital marketing world.


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