Hotel Chain Financial Information

Hotel Chain Financial Information

When Area 51 hits our mind, Hotel Chain Financial Information we would be likely to associate it with the UFOs and secrecy of the United States Air Force facility, located in Nevada.

But, guess what falls in the context of the Hotel Industry? It’s the high-level security for Financial Accounting, which has to refrain from the data breach.

Its mandate that the crucial day-to-day hotel data, financial in & out and hoteliers business information has a secured layer. But it may be too much for many to keep their business fully-impenetrable, as they do not meet even minimum security standards.

Data breach causes the most devastating financial loss and affects your hotel’s reputation, which may become hard to recover. According to the previous year’s report from the Bitglass Financial Breach, around 62 percent of the data emerged from financial services. And, the hospitality industry has one of the highest costs being faced in the breach record.

In the modern-day market, the hotel industry arena is becoming more and more vulnerable to threats of cyber-security. Thus, it’s really important for hoteliers to strive for a setup equivalent to Area 51 – Many say the best Hotel Accounting Software which leverages AWS Cloud for protecting the financial information of high sensitivity.

A breach may come UNIVITED. You got to Stay ALERT.

The hospitality giant ‘Marriott’ once hit by the data breach and around 500 Million guests’ data got stolen. An unauthorized party got all the information copied and encrypted, causing all this intrusion.

No matter how big is your business, you may lose the precious commodity of hotel data and accounts. However, it’s all in your hands to reduce the risk of security breach instigated by Cyber Hackers.

Keep a check on your accounts regularly and trace out if any unfamiliar activity raises. Receiving real-time alerts on your hotel happenings could be a good move!

Cloud-Based  ERP Accounting Software is fully secured and can help you confront this rise of trespassers. Especially, when you run a hotel chain as there’s an existence of a lot of guests’ data and your financial information.

Single Data Breach Incident. Infinite –Ve Consequences.

It’s obvious that many hoteliers get busy in focusing more on guests and leave the financial information at a bay. But no wonder in that process, a single data breach incident can result in a whole lot of –Ve consequences for hotel business, including lost revenue and growth downfall and reputation damage.

With that in mind, hoteliers can best utilize the best Hotel Accounting System to protect their financial data from any unexpected cyber-security threats.

Your trust goes lost – Accounting to 90 percent of CEOs, the data breach causes a never happening thing to rebuild the trust amongst their stakeholders, regardless of hotel revenue.

Over 70 percent of hotels do not reopen or even fail to sustain in the hospitality industry, once the incident of a data breach occurs.

However, with the technology being active in this contemporary world – This surprising cyberattacks can be hardly seen. Encourage the mandate reinforcements of data security and take protective measures to be stable and continue as a successful hotel business chain.

Keep your ACCOUNTING in Safe Hands

Handover your accounting or financial bookkeeping to a reliable service provider, who can assure you in protecting your assets, guests and financial data. If not your hotel may prone to face vulnerable results like data loss and phishing scams.

Look for an end-to-end security service provider that leverages AWS Cloud to deliver excellence in terms of security, letting your arrest the data breach and avoid phishing issues.

Trusted by 200+ renowned brands and 800+ satisfied properties ‘Nimble Property’ is the one which has the partnership with AWS Cloud – Proven to best in data collection and providing insights on hotel finances, guests’ data and the rest is all safe.

Every hotel owner is witnessing a transformation in their accounting and streamlining operations while ensuring all the data is safe. Furthermore, all the accounting modules in Nimble Property along with the 60+ Reports are custom made to let hoteliers go for strategic executions and accelerated innovation by making the best use of financial information handy on the cloud.

Want to plug your data security flaws? Evading vulnerabilities in mind? Switch to Nimble and safeguard your valuable financial information.


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