What is photo perspective correction, and why is it important?

What is photo perspective correction, and why is it important?

Photo perspective correction is important, particularly in the real estate industry. It is used to correct the converging verticals in pictures of buildings and is sometimes used to fix the horizontal convergence. Perspective correction is a type of photo editing service that assist you in making your photo look more professional and stand out from the rest.

In real estate, selling properties require the skills of both the agents and the photographers as the customers see the pictures first and that plays a major role in making their decision making. Your photographer might take the shots perfectly, but at times, some shots do require additional editing to adjust the noise, distortion, and additional flaws. This is why you need photo editing services from professionals.

Photo perspective explained

Photo perspective means the depth of space between objects in a photo. When you have the correct perspective, it can completely change the way objects look in an image; the objects may look either bigger or smaller.

As said above, photo perspective correction can improve the final images, making them look more appealing. 

Different methods of photo perspective correction 

Photo editing services allow you to use different methods for photo perspective correction. Some of these methods include:

  1. Vertical perspective correction

As the name suggests, this method is used to fix the image’s mispositioned vertical line that usually occurs due to a tilted camera. When it is positioned correctly, the image’s point of view is improved.

2. Horizontal perspective correction

This method is used to provide a professional edge to the images. The editor ensures that the image’s horizontal lines are fixed and any awkward aspects are corrected. 

3. Perspective cropping

This method corrects the pixels in the photographs. When there is a blank area in the photograph that disturbs the pixels, the best way to fix it is by cropping the image until you get the right pixel dimension. 

4. Angle perspective correction

Inappropriate camera tilting may cause irregularity in the angle of an image. To fix this, the angle perspective correction is applied to the pictures. 

Benefits of photo perspective correction

  • Photo perspective correction is a great way to fix your images so that your images leave a significant impact on the customers and positively influence their buying decisions. 
  • Using photo perspective correction, the image is made to look more potent than it originally was. 
  • The photos after photo perspective correction can also boost the marketing strategies and campaigns of your business.

Perspective control lenses

This is one of the old approaches to correcting the perspective. These lenses have a “Shift” mechanism that allows you to keep the camera at a level but shifts the lens upwards to get the upper shot without tilting the camera. 

Perspective correction with software

Photo editing software like Lightroom and Capture One comes with photo perspective correction tools. This software lets you achieve the best images, but you need to know the software. Since this software is advanced and can be complex, seeking help from professionals will help you ace this software. 

Perspective correction vs lens correction

Photo perspective correction and lens correction are different from each other. Compared to photo perspective correction, lens correction fixes lens distortion, corner shading, and color fringing. The idea behind lens correction is to ensure that the lenses render the straight lines as straight; it has nothing to do with the perspective.

It is important to apply lens correction before perspective correction to make sure your photos have proper straight lines to correct the perspective accordingly. 

Benefits of photo editing services from professionals

  1. Enhances the brand appeal and image

The better your pictures are, the better image they would build in the minds of your potential audience. Businesses that deal with image-based products and services need to hire photo editing services to make the images look more professional. This creates a brand value and enhances your brand presence in the market.

2. Allows better sales conversions

Visually appealing pictures create a better impression in the customer’s eyes, thus, helping you convert the leads into sales more efficiently.

3. Improves credibility and reputation

Using authentic images for your marketing and campaigns can leave a positive impression on your audience, hence, boosting your brand impression.

4. Ease of image-intensive task

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, whether real estate or eCommerce, having perfectly edited images always serves the purpose. 

Know that photo perspective correction is an advanced technique of photo editing services and should be done by skilled editors only. We have an excellent team for photo perspective correction who can enhance your photos, making them look more attractive and appealing. We use advanced technology to bring the best out of your images. 


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