What’s the connection between Kratom And Testosterone?

What’s the connection between Kratom And Testosterone?

Opioids are the most widely recommended drug for severe pain at the time. Nothing comes close to the pain-relieving capabilities of these substances. Prescriptions for less strong medications are not an option for those with fatal illnesses like late-stage malignancies, which cause severe agony. However, when opioids are used to relieve pain for a long time, the patient may develop additional issues. Addiction is the most well-known negative effect of long-term use. However, the drug has a number of unfavorable side effects. 

Opioid-induced androgen insufficiency is one of these adverse effects (OPIOID). And that particular endocrinopathy is caused by a lack of testosterone. Low levels of gonadotropins, which are hormones released by the pituitary gland that encourage gonad activity, are used to diagnose the condition. Hormones cause the ovaries to generate estrogen and progesterone in women. Those hormones, on the other hand, increase testosterone synthesis in men’s testicles.

It’s worth noting, though, that males generate modest quantities of estrogen and progesterone as well. Women, like males, produce modest levels of testosterone. However, a large number of gender-dominated hormones are created in excess for the specific sexual organs that produce the required hormones. 

And a lack of any of those hormones can result in serious consequences for a person. Anyone who suffers from OPIOID, for example, may have infertility issues. And this is a serious concern in terms of reproductive health. And, depending on the criteria for diagnosing hypogonadism, the incidence of individuals with OPIOID ranges from 19 percent to 86 percent.

A Scientific Experiment Attempts to Provide a Solution for Kratom Users

To examine if the effects of OPIOID were there, a group of scientists decided to run a test to see if kratom influenced testosterone levels in habitual kratom users. So, for two months, the researchers studied the bloodwork of 19 different male kratom users who were chosen by the doctors for the study. To participate in the study, the researchers only considered long-term kratom users. However, they were unable to test positive for the usage of any additional drugs. The physicians didn’t want this to have an impact on the outcome.

Kratom extracts from online vendors were bought and eaten by the subjects. Methanol was used to extract the alkaloid by the researchers. A validated gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) technique was used to determine the mitragynine content of the tincture. The extracts were mixed into juice and given to the participants to drink. The amount of alkaloid in each glass ranged from 21.78 mg to 26.90 mg. In addition, the individuals drank an average of 3.5 glasses of juice each day. As a result, the kratom users in the research ingested 76.23 mg to 94.15 mg of mitragynine on a daily basis.

The Origins and Functions of Testosterone

The hypothalamus is in charge of testosterone production. The testes get a signal. The oval-shaped male sexual organs known as testes, commonly known as testicles, are responsible for creating spermatozoa (male reproductive cells: sperm). Our species would be unable to reproduce without the testes. However, in addition to their reproductive functions, the organs also serve as an endocrine gland. 

Testosterone is produced and secreted straight into a man’s circulation, where it goes to tissues and organs throughout his body. And testosterone is necessary for a person’s physical growth of muscles. It aids in the maintenance of a healthy bone density. The hormone is also important for a man’s sexual prowess. As testosterone levels decline, so does a man’s libido, which is crucial for any sexually active male.

In a relationship, a lack of sexual appetite might cause problems. So it’s understandable that guys who require pain management be concerned about long-term opiate use. Fortunately, some guys don’t have to rely only on opioids to manage their pain. There is another possibility. They may get kratom from a variety of sources. And, according to a recent scientific trial, kratom contains medicinal characteristics that can aid with pain relief.

Unlike opioids, most kratom users claim that it boosts their libido. Kratom leaves are chewed as an aphrodisiac in Thailand. According to some studies, kratom intake can lead to increased sexual desire and improved sexual performance.

The OPIOID study’s findings are encouraging.

For some potential kratom users, the project addressed a medical question. According to studies, kratom can help those who are addicted to opioids. However, some individuals doubt if the plant has the same negative effects as traditional opioids. Consumers seeking an alternative to addictive opioids flock to the kratom sector in large numbers. However, addiction isn’t the only adverse effect that many are concerned about.

Thankfully, the study found that consistent kratom usage did not lower testosterone production in male individuals. In addition, the levels of FSH and LH in the blood samples of the subjects were not substantially altered by kratom, according to the finished results. The results showed that kratom consumption had no effect on circulating testosterone, FSH, or LH levels in healthy male individuals, even when taken on a daily basis. The biochemical data was also normal. However, it is important to note that the study’s findings are restricted in their applicability to a larger group of males. This is due to the fact that they employed a limited sample size.

Women’s health should be the focus of future research.

Although Kratom is not an opioid, it does activate opioid receptors in our brains. And, given this, the fear that kratom may cause the user to create OPIOID wasn’t unfounded. But, because of the hard work of the researchers who conducted the study, we now know that kratom has no effect on the user’s libido or reproductive hormones. It’s also fascinating knowledge to learn. There are several conversations on social media platforms where consumers of kratom raise the issue.

Nonetheless, we must constantly bear in mind that new scientific findings may reveal something different. The test’s tiny size and breadth only yielded restricted results. More study on the subject is required. Furthermore, the study only included men as subjects who used kratom. Although men are more sensitive to OPIOID, both men and women might have undesirable physiological side effects. It’s just as bad for women as it is for guys. Women who take it may develop oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea. In Malaysia, however, women are not allowed to use kratom. So, ideally, an American team will be able to do a similar experiment with females.


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