6 Tips for CCBA exams

6 Tips for CCBA exams

The CCBA status should be revived every 3 years from the anniversary date of earning your initial certification. All the recertifying necessities are listed on the iiba.org website under Certification and Recognition is always greater than Recertification.

Here are the six most significant Tips one would suggest.

Read the recertification pointers fastidiously and early – confirm you scan the recertification pointers and expectations ahead of time and totally. If you don’t perceive the foundations, then raise them on forums or email IIBA directly. before long when I passed my exam, I checked out the recertification reference work, then I place it within the ‘too hard and ‘I’ll get thereto later’ basket. massive mistake!

Ask – raise if you don’t perceive the principles in the CCBA certification handbook. the primary time I read it, I used to be confused and located that I didn’t very know it. on its note, I place it to 1 aspect. Take my advice and if you wish clarification of one thing then raise and also the best place to raise is contacting the IIBA – the contact details are right there within the book! No surprises. I finally got around to doing this and received a response consequent day. simple as! I will be able to add that it will seem that the website has been updated with better data relating to recertification.

Keep track early – begin keeping track of your webinars, BA work hours, skilled development hours and track them early. The IIBA website encompasses a chase program the same as the one you have got to fill sure the pre-work before sitting the communication. publish every bit of BA work that’s aligned to the BAbok and acting business analysis, each webinar you attend or watch from the archived section, any course you attend. If you record it as you go then it’ll be less disagreeable at the time of recertification. I actually have already originated a folder with the program prepared for my next 3-year cycle. Yes, I actually have greatly learned this lesson and protrusive thereto.

Investigate different ways to earn CDU’s – there’s a class of professional development where you’ll attend courses and earn CDU’s. I found this one troublesome because it was laborious to seek out new courses to attend at supported suppliers and conjointly found it troublesome obtaining the break day work to attend them. when late discussions with different BA’s in my wider network, it had been advised to me that I might truly do some on-line coaching via an associate supported supplier. Too late for this recertification cycle however I will undoubtedly be investigating it for a consequent time.

Volunteer – I actually have just about discovered this one.

Yes, read the recertification reference work many times, it’s tired there. It’s invariably sensible to relinquish back to others what you learn and experience. particularly in our BA profession. I share my information indirectly with my BA network, and with my work colleagues, however, I will currently be doing it on a more formal basis. It’s invariably sensible to convey back and it’s an honest thanks to earning additional CDU’s.

Engage with your BA network typically – continue to this point with the BA profession frequently victimization BA forums and teams. These may be on-line or attending meetups. It’s an excellent thanks to discussing recertifying and additionally to seek out how other BAs are going with their CDU’s. It’s a time for sharing thoughts and progress on how every one of you is following and it’s an honest reminder to get started!

Hope the following tips can assist you once you have got passed your CCBA exam and on the thanks to recertifying. I would like I had have done all of them beginning the week when I passed my exam. A minimum of ready to be able to the couple for a consequent 3-year cycle., sensible luck to any or all of you learning for the exam. So try tour luck with obviously the hard work and get into the thing.


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