Launching a successful mural painting business

Launching a successful mural painting business

Whether advertising a local business or celebrating a city’s sporting success, stunning murals have begun to pop up more and more across our cityscapes.

Putting them together takes an enormous amount of time, dedication, and skill – meaning that people capable of producing them may well be able to turn their talent into a money-making business.

But how to go about setting up a successful mural painting business? Let’s take a look.

Location, location, location

Is your local area a mural hotspot? This might be a good indicator that clients can already see the value of thinking big when it comes to artwork.

Similarly, if murals are yet to sweep where you are based, but you’ve spotted several locations where they would be effective, then this could give you plenty of ammunition when pitching to potential customers.

If you’re happy to offer your talents across your region, or even the country, think about how these travel costs will eat into your bottom line.

Find the best equipment

Professional-grade paint sprayers and heavy-duty weather-resistant paints will be vital to make sure your artwork stands the test of time.

Personal protective equipment like safety goggles, respirators, and paint-proof overalls will keep you safe, while it may be wise to take out other measures like wearing reflective clothing and putting up signs to protect passing pedestrians.

You may also need to consider discussions with local authorities if painting on the side of buildings and working at heights, which may need help from machinery such as cherry pickers.

Make it personal

You may well be working to briefs from clients, whether in the design or content of murals.

But that’s not to say that you can’t add a bit of ‘you to the process – and it might even benefit you, in the long run, to include a calling card in all your pieces.

Having that signature style might make your work instantly recognizable; we all know a Banksy as soon as we see one, right?

Combining great service, vivid artwork and personal touch will help to spread your name far and wide.

Get the numbers right

Of course, if you’re going to turn your artistic passion into a livelihood, you’ll need to think hard about the business side of things.

As we’ve previously mentioned, you will have plenty of overheads to think about, from equipment and travel costs to potential red tape, which may involve all kinds of fees.

Putting together a watertight, fully costed-up business plan before you decide to commit is vital.

If you can show that art can maintain a comfortable standard of living, it could help you live out your dreams by turning your passion into a career.


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