All About Android Spyware, Ransomware and Malware

All About Android Spyware, Ransomware and Malware

People’s knowledge about technology is greatly enhanced thanks to smart gadgets and easy access to the internet. Now one can learn about practically anything just by searching it on Google or watching an educational video about it on YouTube. This easy access has brought so many problems as well. The online crime rate is high all around the world. Technically life is partially all about using online gadgets and tools to complete daily life tasks. For example, from making money to saving information about money to debit everything can be done online. This makes it a potential loophole as online hackers can track you and steal your money your identity and many things.

Today we are going to talk all about those attacks how they are done and even what kind of tools can be used to avoid any potential damage. So let me start with a simple question. How much do you know about malware or spyware? What do you think are the same or two different things.


Malware is a term used for any kind of malicious software or app. Any malicious entity that can be used to attack an individual, a group of people or an organization is called malware. One of the biggest ways to identify malware is that it can be installed or entered remotely on the target gadget. The mean can be an email, an app or software installed through the online service. Some examples of typical malware are viruses, spyware and more. 


Spyware is a type of malware but one can say it is not harmful. Though its benefits can depend on its legal usage still use of spyware among parents and employers is very common, especially these days. Spyware is used to spy on the target, extract information about the target person through the smart gadget or to monitor their activities. Spyware can not be installed remotely and the user must have physical access to the target device to install the app. Thus its harmful usage is particularly limited.  Parents can install spyware in teenagers’ smart gadgets to keep a check on their life. Similarly, employers can use this tool only on the official gadgets to monitor the employee’s work-related activities. Now by official gadgets, we mean company-owned devices. It is neither legal nor ethical to install the app on the personal device of the target employee even with the aim of work-related monitoring. 


Ransomeware is typical of a recent term and is one of the legal forms. Ransomware is a kind of malware that can be used to extract money from a third party. Hackers or online criminals can potentially get control of your device and encrypt it only to demand money to unlock your device. Thus to protect the safety of the important data people sometimes are bound to pay the money to get control of their device back. 

Android Spyware:

Android spyware is a spyware that can be installed on the android device to monitor, extract information or keep a check on the specific android holder. Keep in mind that android spyware only works for the particular target device and not all the android gadgets present in the surroundings. One of the android spyware that offers excellent monitoring features is the OgyMogy. Two main users of the OgyMogy android spyware are 

  • Parents
  • Employers

A parent can simply install the app on the teen’s android to get beneficial information for example

  1. You can use to know about your kid’s screen time 
  2. You can check the real-time location of your kid. 
  3. You can listen to the kid’s chats with friends and strangers.
  4. You can monitor their online browsing history and bookmarks.
  5. You can track the presence of any suspicious person in the online groups. 

An employer can also get so many benefits by using android spyware in the official gadgets for example

  • You can monitor all the digital marketing campaigns remotely with the help of OgyMogy android spyware.
  • You can check the sent and received an email of the employees along with attachment history details.
  • You can track any secret account activity and can crack the password as well. 
  • You can catch a corporate spy remotely with proof with the help of android spyware.  


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