Best monitoring software for Windows -TheOneSpy

Best monitoring software for Windows -TheOneSpy

Computer systems are used everywhere, such as in homes, offices or companies as well. monitoring software for Windows in homes, kids get involved in watching unsafe content or playing multiple online games. Likewise, employees misuse companies’ devices or share secrets with stalkers who offer them some charm.

Whether you are a guardian or businessman, if you will be preliminary aware of upcoming threats, so it will give you a tactical edge. Spy software facilitates users to remain aware of all activities of the targeted person and enable them to take action confidentially.

To find the best one, we visit the spy market. Where we found TheOneSpy windows/computer monitoring software at the top because of its reviews and unique services. In this article, we will discuss some aspects which are the reason behind its popularity.

TheOneSpy Windows Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy is a contemporary tracking tool that empowers the user to keep a naked eye on all suspicious activities of their targeted person. It alerts the user about target inappropriate or harmful activities or sharing unethical information. A user has remote access to all functions that are performed in a targeted device. A user can remotely block useless sites, put mighty alarms on any activity or can get any conversation with the exact date and periods.

These days, TOS is the ultimate choice of millions of businesses, guardians, and individuals as well. TOS also provides timely reports such as a weekly, monthly or yearly history report of any or all activities.

How do TheOneSpy advance features facilitate users?

TheOneSpy facilitates people with its amazing packages and tools which perfectly resolve different people’s different problems. Let’s have a look at TOS brilliant features and their working.

  1. Windows Browsing History Tracker

It allows the user to monitor all activities on the installed and default browser on a targeted system. The user can check which sort of sites are frequently visited and bookmarked. TOS gives access to different browsers, for example:

  • Chrome Browser
  • Internet Explorer Browser
  • Safari Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser
  1. Surround Recorder

It enables the user to spy on targeted windows surrounding. A user can listen to live surrounding sounds and record them as well. It records surrounding in short clips and automatically transfers them at the user’s online portal.

  1. Windows Screen Recorder

It allows the user to record live activities performed on a targeted system. It only needs command and then starts working automatically. Its records videos of short duration and once ended, it delivers them at the web portal.

  1. Windows Location tracker

In case the device got stolen or targeted, the person took it to an unknown place, so you can track it as well. With the TOS windows location tracker, a user can track the exact live location. A user can also reach the targeted point by following the location.

  1. Email Tracker

It keeps the user updated about all sent and receives emails. A user can have a look at the content shared in email and also track the timing and date of mailing.

  1. Multimedia tracker

It gives access to target windows system multimedia. It includes all captured photos, download/shared photos, document files, audio, and videos as well.

How does TheOneSpy give true value to users’ money?

A person earns money by hard work and purchases spy software to provide secret protection to their loved ones or business. Or if money gets lost, it put a bad impact on uses expectations and destroys trust as well.

The only reason for TOS success is that TOS not only serves with trustworthy tools but also facilitates users with useful services. Here we will look at some extra efforts that TOS does to make a strong bonding with customers.

User – friendly reports

Real-time monitoring service

Remotely Blocking Access

On-demand screenshot

Mighty alarms


To internally manage your organization system and to control your loved one’s suspicious activities remotely, we brought the best spying tool of 2020. TheOneSpy Windows monitoring software is the most wonderful technology which provides innovative spying tools. TOS smoothly works with all Windows systems and provides reliable information without creating any single disturbance. Soon, TOS will bring a more useful surveillance tool.


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